What is Animal Park? Animal’s Ending and Post-Credit Scene Explained

What is Animal Park? Animal’s Ending and Post-Credit Scene Explained

I can finally discuss this. Now for some spoilers: The Ending, Animal Park, and the post-credit scene. You will be astounded by everything, which is why I’m happy I wrote this post. Ever since the first day, I have wanted to discuss this. It’s time to unleash your inner fan theory wizard.

An idea of an animal park is presented to us in the post-credit scene and the ending. Both the post-credit scene and the finale are fantastic and packed with information. I have a ton of ideas and theories racing through my head. If you saw the film, you were curious about Ranvijay’s (Ranbir Kapoor) future. What will ultimately transpire, and how will things become riskier than they were before?

Let us begin with an animal ending.

Animal’s Ending!

Ranbir Kapoor and Anil Kapoor

I think Animal has the best conclusion I have seen in a long time. This ending can make me cry without my even realizing it. It is so full of emotions. It has the ideal resolution and the ideal feeling. The hero gets his wish and meets “His Father.” Yes, after defining Abrar, everything will ultimately be resolved in a clear and concise conversation between Father and Son. I get up and start applauding when the father, Balbir Singh, apologizes to the son, Ranvijay. It’s kind of personal to me because my father is just like Balbir Singh. he works nonstop and doesn’t have time for me.

We finally understood why we are animals. However, I believe that he has always been the animal; he just isn’t aware of it. After everything is resolved between the father and son, we see the father cry for the first time in the entire film. Geetanjali leaves Ranvijay (Ranbir Kapoor) behind and travels to the USA with the kids. Yes, Father and Son, just one more moment. When Ranvijay and his son embrace this time, the latter says, “His Father is Superhero,” and the former feels the same way his father does.

Moving on, let’s discuss Post Credit and what Animal Park is.

Animal Park: What is it? Post Credit

Ranvijay learns about Abrar with Zoya’s assistance, and he also has a brother who will resemble “Ranvijay.” They wish to murder Ranvijay’s entire family help of his duplicate. The guy who looks exactly like Ranvijay (Ranbir Kapoor) is shown in the post-credit scene. He kidnaps Ranvijay’s two brothers and kills him with blood. He commits revenge in advance.

Let’s discuss what will happen in the upcoming movie, Animal Park, which is going to be the second installment of Animal.


Some resemble Ranvijay and are his enemies, such as the entire Abrar family. With so many brothers, Abrar’s brothers could band together to assassinate him. Abrar also has kids that aren’t quite big enough, but they will grow up to be three eventually. Another thought that comes to me is that, given that it is clear that Ranvijay killed his brother-in-law, the enemy may turn his nephew against him in the second section.

They all have motives to kill one another, and since they are both animals, Animal Park will be more violent and revenge-focused. Currently, targets include Geetanjali, Balbir Singh, Reet, and Roop. I find the method by which the duplicates murder Ranvijay’s brothers to be extremely dangerous.

Compared to this film, Animal Park will be darker and more violent.

Animal’s Box Office Collection

Animals will surpass all of Jawan and Pathan’s records. This movie took just two days to reach the 100-crore mark. The collection on the first day is 66 crore, and on the second day on Saturday, it will reach 129.80 crore (domestic). Aminal has made over 230 crore in gross revenue in just two days. Remember this movie. A person who is younger than eighteen (18) will not see the film.


The Animal seems to be the most amazing and wildest film of 2023. Even though I still find it hard to believe that this Bollywood film was produced, as I’ve already stated in my review, this is the norm for Bollywood, so if you’re still on the fence about it, get over it and see the film.

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