Attack on Titan Season 4 Finale Review ( The Worst Thing About it is That It’s Over)

Attack on Titan Season 4 Finale Review ( The Worst Thing About it is That It’s Over)

That’s the first thing that comes to mind. Seeing the Attack on Titan Season 4 Finale marks the end of my journey with the series, which began in mid-2019. I think I saw three seasons in two days. I became one of AOT’s biggest fans, and now the time has come to say farewell.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Finale Plot

After a successful start, Rumbling Eran sets out with thousands of “Colossal Titans” and its founder “Ymir Fritz” to wipe out all humanity on the planet. To save humanity, the survey corps (Levi Squad) sends a female titan (Annie Leonhart) and an armored titan (Reiner Braun) to kill Zeke and Eren. Armin is the corps’ commander.

The final episode is different: the struggle to kill Eren and Zeke, the failure, and the attempt again. Ymir captures Armin, Levi is injured, Mikasa has second thoughts about killing Eren, and hundreds of Titans are on their way to stop them. Everything is jumbled and works against the survey corps. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but things are heading in the right direction and, at the same time, “Mappa Studio.”” It’s quite lovely.

All I have to say is As much as possible, use a large screen. Take a seat on the couch. Take your meal and immerse yourself in the world of Attack on Titan.

Mikasa Attack On Titan Season 4 Finale

I give Some Point Without giving you Any spoiler

  • Kissing Scene A Beautiful and a Heartbreaking Same time.
  • All it’s because of just two person
  • Ture Pece Never come as long as Humanity Survive

I don’t need to tell anyone why every anime fan loves AOT more than any other anime; it’s because they discuss everything: a soldier’s duty, humanity’s true nature, friendship, love, and betrayal—too many topics to cover in this article. When I try to write and tell you guys about the end of something I love, my hands stop and my eyes fill up.

Let’s Talk About Ending

As an anime fan, I’ve seen a lot of shows that end very well or have an open ending that leaves you wondering who’s right and who’s wrong. What I enjoy the most is a never-ending ending. Eren Whether you do the right thing or not. It is up to us to make a decision.

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