Animal vs Monster: Animal Trailer Review

Animal vs Monster: Animal Trailer Review

Sandeep Reddy Vanga delivered on his promise, as evidenced by the Animal Trailer. If you are familiar with the director of Animal, he has only made two films, “Arjun Reddy” and “Kabir Singh,” both of which were fantastic, and now he is back with a fully violent and fantastic film, Animal.

He did what he said: he made a violent Bollywood film that was released on December 1st, and just before 8 days, they released the trailer, and man, it was great—actually, it’s awesome. Animal Trailer foreshadows how the film will be badass from the first scene. I’ve decided.

Let’s talk about Animal Trailer

I don’t have a word for it, but if you ask me to describe it in words, I’d say it was freaking awesome, and not just in a violent way; it was far better in terms of emotions. The trailer begins with a conversation between a father and his son; I won’t go into detail about that scene; just watch it. The 3.32-minute trailer may ruin your experience, but it does hype up the film.

After that scene, it is clear that Ranbir Kapoor’s character has been obsessed with his father’s love and affection since childhood, and how much he adores his father. From childhood to adolescence, he adored his father above all else.

and that you can tell he adores his father throughout the Animal Trailer. If you’re wondering why I’m talking to the same father and son over and over, here’s your answer. Because this Animal Trailer is only for you to see, whether I like it or not. This movie trailer reminds me why I love movies so much.

Don’t be fooled by the big action sequence, killing shots, hand-to-hand fight, and money-shot machine gun—it’s bigger and more powerful than you think. Everything is filled with emotion, which is what I enjoy the most about it.

Animal vs Monster

For me, the entire movie and the entire cast aside, Bobby Devol did an amazing job in just three shots. We only see the character of Booby Devol four times in the trailer and teaser, but I’m already in love with him; he appears to be some kind of monster.

He sobs, his face covered in blood. There are only two possibilities: he killed someone close to him, or someone close to him died in front of him, and he is powerless to intervene. He showed his body and completely dominated the second time he fought Ranbir Kapoor.

The final scene in the Animal Trailer is when Booby Devol is smoking a cigarette over Ranbir Kapoor’s unconscious body.

Movies Details

I give some details of the movie related to the star cast, director, run time, and some others.

  • Director, screenplay, and writing by Sandeep Reddy Vanga
  • Star Cast: Anil Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Rashmika Mandanna, and Tripti Dimri
  • Release Date: December 1, 2023
  • Movie Run Time: 201 min (3.35 hrs)
  • Movie Language: Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam

Just watch the trailer and come back to comment.

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