Boruto Chapter 9 Breakdown: Our Favorite Kuruma The Nine Tail Fox is Back

Boruto Chapter 9 Breakdown: Our Favorite Kuruma The Nine Tail Fox is Back

How did Himawari acquire the Nine Tails chakra? when she becomes the jinchūriki of Kuruma, the Nine Tails Fox? And why did Kuruma become small—or, better to say, a baby? Additionally, Boruto Chapter 9 is called Nine Tails. It’s focused on why Claw Grim identifies Himawari as Naruto. In my last Boruto Chapter 8 breakdown, I will go into detail about why they do something like this. Still, if you want to know, I give the LSAT chapter’s brief premise. First, we discuss what happened in Boruto Chapter 9.

Let’s start with Chapter 8’s premise.

Boruto Chapter 8 Recap

Jura andd Hidari (Sasuke) at Konoha

In the last chapter, we see the leaders of Claw Grim and Sasuke attempting to capture Naruto Uzumaki. In Konoha, they feel the Nine Tails Fox Kuruma’s chakra. They desired to capture and consume Naruto in order to revive the Divine Tree. They arrive in Konoha and fight with Kawaki. But they overpower Kawaki, and without any effort, they just make him un cousin after that new team 10 comes to fight them with team 10; Himawari Uzumaki also comes. They feel the Himawari chakra like nine tails, and with that, Boruto Chapter 8 is finished.

If you want to know in detail what happens in this chapter, just check out my breakdown. Let’s jump on Boruto Chapter 9.

In Boruto Chapter 9, what is Heppen?

Claw Grim tires to capture Himawari Nine Tails Kuruma

Boruto Chapter 9 stars with claw grim facing new team 10, and they wonder too why they feel Nine Tails chakra from that girl. He also identifies Shikadai Nara as Meogi’s student and the Hokage’s son. Still, they are surprised to see that they feel chakra from Himawari. At that moment, Ino-Shika-Cho was surprised to hear that they felt Naruto’s chakra because, rather than Sarda, Boruto, Shikamaru, Kawaki, and Eida, they were the only ones who knew where Naruto was. Every other character thought they’d both died three years ago. One more thing I noticed is that when Shikadai reports to the sensory unit, they aren’t able to recognize Sasuke.

Boruto Chapter 9 seems to leave too many questions behind. One of these is why they weren’t able to recognize Sasuke. I think because of their absence, they don’t expect Susuke to be like this. Let’s move on to the next part, where Suddenly Claw Grim tries to capture Himawari. For that, they just trunked him to the tree, just like Sasuke and Meogi. team 10 Ino-Shika-Cho, save her. then we see that Amado tries to wake up Kawaki and Bruto’s krama reacts. Koji tells Boruto to move and save Konoha. In between, I don’t understand one thing that even Himawari doesn’t know about Kuruma and his chakra connected to her. But How? I have one theory. Stay to the end, and I will tell you.

Koji Kashin reveals himself in front of Shikamaru

Kawaki vs Boruto

In between, Shikadai tells Shikamaru the whole situation, and he also doesn’t know anything about Nine Tails Fox Krurma in the Himawari. In Boruto Chapter 9, Shikamaru learns about Koji Kashin’s existence. Shikamaru gave the order to send reinforcements to Team 10. Koji informed Shikamaru that he needed to connect with Ino, and Boruto was going to enter Konoha by himself. In between, Kawaki wakes up, and he senses Boruto’s chakra. At the main gate of Konoha, Boruto talks with the Shikamaru by the privet line of Ino. He asks Boruto if he knows anything about the Nine Tails Fox Kuruma chakra in Himawari, but he doesn’t.

But I have doubts about Koji; he definitely knows something. In between, Kawaki arrives to stop Boruto, and here we see the difference between Kawaki and Boruto’s power levels. Right now, Boruto is on another level, and with just one punch, he knows Kawaki. But then, after a long time, Boruto Chapter 9 teases us with karma. We see that connection between Kawaki and Boruto. the Krama of Bourto, rectified by Kawaki’s karma. Then Koji tells Boruto to stay close to him; he won’t be able to control his karma.

On the other side, Ino-Shika-Cho tries to save Himarwi from claw grim. They fly away, and then we see Kuruma in the Himawari. Just like Naruto, he talks to her and asks if she knows who he is. She recognized him. and ended with Boruto Chapter 9.

When does Himawari become the jinchūriki?

Kuruma The Nine Tails Fox

There is no chance she has the Kuruma’s chakra from birth; there may be, but there is still a low possibility. because Naruto never does such things with her. not because she faces any bullying or anything, but because, eventually, in the future, she will be a mother someday. You all know what happens when Jinchriki becomes pregnant. So, there is only one possibility: between the time skip, someone implanted the chakra of Nine Tails Fox Kururma in the Himawari and made her jinchūriki. The question is, “Who?” I think Kawaki, or maybe there is the thought we all know that after the Great Ninja War, Kuruma was divided into two parts. The other part of Kuruma is here, but why did he become a baby? There is a possibility after what happened with Naruto Hiashi Hyūga, and maybe Kakshi decided to do that to save Himawari.

The question is, where is Kakashi right now? We still don’t know, but the writer tells us that he is going to play a major role as Six Hokage in Boruto’s upcoming chapters. Wait until then. There is one more thing that pops up in my mind: Naruto is the one who did this; the question is when. Remember, when we see Minato in Naruto at the time of dying, they place some chakras of him and Kushina in Naruto? This might be the same thing.

Let’s not jump to any conclusions in Boruto Chapter 9. I am pleased to see Kuruma. Now, things are going to change. Wait for the next chapter on May 20th, 2024. Till then, “Dattebayo”

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