Boruto Chapter 10 Kernel: Jura and Hidari Going to Fight With Himawari and Sarada

Boruto Chapter 10 Kernel: Jura and Hidari Going to Fight With Himawari and Sarada

We have seen a lot of things since the release of the Boruto Blue Vortex chapters that might pique your interest in the manga, but trust me when I say that the Boruto Chapter 10 kernel is something entirely different. In addition to providing answers, this chapter sets the stage for the next chapter’s excitement. The first major battle between Sarada Uchiha vs. Hidari (Sasuke Uchiha) and Jura vs. Himawari begins in this chapter.

There are some fights that we are good at, like in chapter 8, where we see Mitsuki vs. Boruto. In Chapter 4, we see Boruto vs. Code. Those fights are good, but still, after Boruto Chapter 10, I am looking forward to what happens next when Himawari with Nine Tail’s chakra fights with Jura and Hidari fight with Sarada Uchiha. Don’t forget she has Mangekyou Sharingan.

Boruto Chapter 10 Summary

Sarada vs Hidari

In chapter 9, we see that Jura tries to capture Himawari, and Team 10 is able to run away from him with Hima. Within her consciousness, Himawari is talking to Kuruma, the Nine-Tail Fox. Team 10 asks Shikamaru to back up. Konohamru, with some backup, reaches there to stop them. Jura votes for Himawari, and Hidari fights with Konohamru.

Shikamaru asks Boruto to come, but he needs time. Kwaki plans to assist Team 10. Soon, Sarada Uchiha and Sumire come to fight, and Hidari realizes that she is Sarada. He attacks her with Chidori. She dodged it with the assistance of Sharingan. On this side, Konohamaru and Sarada have doubts that Hidari is Sasuke Uchiha. Boruto Chapter 10 will be the key to discovering Claw Grims’ true identity.

How is Kuruma, the Nine-Tail Fox, still alive?

Baby Kuruma

Next, we see that in his consciousness, Himawari talks with “Baby Kururma” and tells him why he is still alive. It’s called a kernel. Basically, the kernel is the term that is used for the reincarnation of tailed beasts. If any tail beast died and even the flesh or soul died, they came back to life. No one knows how long it takes, and it’s a daughter or a son, which one is Jinchūriki. It’s just happened. So, there is still a mystery about why Kuruma entered Himawari. This is the primary reason we are eagerly anticipating the release of Boruto Chapter 10.

As I told you, no one knows why, Himawari. There are two strong possibilities, however. The first one is Himawari, born with Kurama’s chakra; that’s why Himawari is the one who is the Jinchūriki. and the second and strongest possibility of Himawari’s destiny is becoming Jinchūriki. She is chosen because she is the blood of the Huyga and Uzumaki clans. Still, that is the mystery of why Himawari? However, right now in Konoha, the only one who can fight with Jura is Himawai.

Only one person can do it is you, Himawari!

Himawari using Nine tail's chakra

What happened in the last chapter that I didn’t expect in Boruto Chapter 10? That moment is literally enough to make me fall in love with Boruto Manga and Kishimoto’s writing. Next, we see that Jura chases Team 10 and Himawari. He successfully almost captures Inojin, and Chōchō tries many attempts to save Himawari. Also, Kururma told Himwari she could use his chakra easily; you just needed to believe in herself; no one else has the match against Jura. She tried, and Jura effortlessly broke her leg and bound him in the woods.

Inojin tries to save her, but Jura almost kills him. He died or not, which we see in the next chapter, but first the best part of Boruto Chapter 10. When Himawari sees that, she fills with anger and ager and uses Kuruma’s chakra to break the wood that binds her. Now, wait for the next artwork.

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