Shaitan Movie 2024 Review: Is This Movie Better Than ‘Vash’?

Shaitan Movie 2024 Review: Is This Movie Better Than ‘Vash’?

Shaitan Movie 2024 Review, Let’s talk about whether R Madhavan and Ajay Devgan made Ramke of ‘Vash’ good or bad. Yes, the Shaitan movie was originally a remake of the Gujarati movie Vash, released in 2023. As we all know, Ajay Devgan is good at making remakes of movies like Drishyam. Drishyam is an example of how, if you have the perfect cast and execution, remake movies can be more popular than the original. But then Bholaa comes to mind, telling us that not every remake is good. Now, the question is: Is the Shaitan movie better than ‘Vash’?

In the article Shaitan Trailer Review, I tell you that I am Gujarati, but somehow I miss the chance to see Vash in theaters. So, before watching Shaitan, somehow I watched the original so I could compare.

Shaitan Movie 2024 Review

First, this is a thriller movie, not a horror. If you think that you see jump scares and ghosts in this, you might be disappointed. This movie is more of a thriller. What it means is that you will not feel horrified while watching the movie but in a different way. Whenever you see R Madhavan, you feel that you never wanted to meet this guy, or if you and your family are going to face this, what you do is the time when you feel fear.

Ajay Devgan, R Madhavan, Janki Bodiwala, Jyotika, and even the child artist did a great job. Ajay Devgan, as always, suits the perfect father, and Jyotika in the role of mother fits perfectly. Special applause goes to R. Madhavan and Janki Bodiwala, who both overshadowed every character in the movie. Here is an interesting fact: Shaitan and Vash play the roles of daughters in both movies. Believe me, you forget every actress in Bollywood after seeing her performance.

Now, it’s time to compare both movies.

Which one is better, Shaitan or Vash?

First, we start with the acting. Hitu Kanodia (father), Hiten Kumar (antagonist), and Niilam Paanchal (mother) are brilliant in the Vash. Ajay Devgan (father), R Madhavan (antagonist), and Jyotika (mother) also did a great job. After I have seen both movies, I want to tell you one thing about the acting: both movies are amazing. especially Hiten Kumar (the antagonist in Vash) and R Madhavan (the antagonist in Shaitan); they both are too good. This might be an unlikable opinion, but Hiten Kumar did a better job as the antagonist. I don’t say that because I am Gujarati. Just go and check out my trailer review. I am a big fan of R Madhavan. I won’t tell you how good Janki Bodiwala is because he is in both films.

Now, I need to tell you that Vash is better than Shaitan. I tell you why they use the story as it is, but they change some things at the end of the movie. The reason I tell you is that in the end, the Vash movie goes all out without any hesitation. There was no “happy ending,” and just because Shaitan has a U/A certificate, they held back. There are so many times when you feel that this might be more terrifying than this. This is the time when Shaitan is going down.

Both movies are good. unlike the other remakes.

Final Verdict

Finally, I tell you some scenarios for why you should watch Shaitan in theaters. First, if you are a fan of Ajay Devgan and R Madhavan, you should watch the movie in theaters. Next, guys like me who want to see some serious supernatural horror thrillers should watch Vash. Third, if you want to spend your weekend in the theater, Shaitan is for you.

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