Solo Leveling Season 1 Epic Finale: Arise A New Form Of Jinwoo

Solo Leveling Season 1 Epic Finale: Arise A New Form Of Jinwoo

One of the most popular anime, Solo Leveling Season 1, is reached at FInale. I just wanted to say that Jinwoo is now going to be more wild. On March 30, 2024, when episode 12 is released, we will see a new form of Sung Jinwoo. It’s crazy. There are so many things that happened in season 1. In this article, you will see most of the things that happened in this season and the full details of Finale Episode 12.

Solo Leveling Season 1 Recap

Solo Leveling God Smile

In this anime, we follow the story of Sung Jinwoo, the weakest soldier of humanity. Yes, when you hear it first, you might think of one more anime with the same concept. Yes, you are right at the point of the story; this anime does not give us anything special. Here are the questions: why would you watch this anime if the story is kind of mid? The answer is animation and action, and the BGM of Solo Leveling Season 1 is amazing. At least you never get bored of seeing the same thing. That is the best part of solo leveling.

Let’s jump on the story. If you want to learn more about the crazy first episode, just go and read my article on the Solo Leveling Season 1 Episode 1 Review. The world where some kinds of portals are open from nowhere. From those portals, monsters are coming out. Somehow, some humans get powers too. They call those who awaken the power “hunters.” Every hunter has the classes “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” and “E.”. Yes, the most powerful of them are assigned to the “S” class. They have the power to destroy even the planet. So, this is the basis of the world of solo leveling. Now we go for our protagonist.

Our protagonist, Sung Jinwoo

Sung Jinwoo

In Solo Leveling Season 1, you see the journey of the weakest human, Humility, becoming powerful level by level. He needs to do it alone; no one will know about it. Just because I told you that humans have powers too. Here is the catch if anyone gets the power: There is no way to gain more power or steal someone’s power. They called it “awakening.”. So, how did our Sung Jinwoo get the new powers and increase them? That’s why the anime name is “Solo Leveling.” I’ll give you some brief information about him. His mother suffers from some illness, so she is in a coma. He has one older sister; she is in high school. He is an E-Rank hunter. Now, from those portals, some monsters are coming out. Just like humans, monsters and demons have the same power level.

So, the hunters need to go in and defeat them all, and boss, just like humans, portals have class too. The basis of Solo Leveling Season 1 is to introduce the world to some amazing action sequences. I won’t tell you about how it started, but you can go and read my episode 1 review. After the events of Episode 1, Sung Jinwoo is stuck in some kind of game. In that game, he needs to complete some tasks to level up. He needs to defeat some monsters and demons and do some physical activity. That’s it. There are so many things in Solo Leveling Season 1, so just jump to Finale.

Solo Leveling Season 1 Epic Finale

Solo Leveling Season 1 Epic Finale Arise A New Form Of Jinwoo

There are so many things I skipped in this article, so I won’t go into more details; I just tell you about how good Solo Leveling is and why you shouldn’t miss the anime. In the finale, our protagonist, Sung Jinwoo, must survive in between the many knights that come one by one without end. Between the fights, he develops self-doubt and regrets that make him weaker. somehow, he overcomes his weakness. and get new powers.

Why do you need to watch Solo Leveling Season 1? A-1 Pictures, which animates anime like Kaaguya Sama, Earesed, and Sword Art Online, is doing an amazing job at this. The action sequences and every frame, with or without a fight, feel amazing. One more thing that is amazing is the opening and BGM, all thanks to Hiroyuki Sawano, who worked on Attack on Titan too. and some mystery creates curiosity, but they focus on our main character more than anything else.

That’s it Solo Leveling Season 1 is the most hyped and amazing album of 2024. You don’t need to miss it.

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