Kaiju No. 8 Episode 1 Breakdown: It’s feel like Attack On Titan

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 1 Breakdown: It’s feel like Attack On Titan

Although I haven’t read the manga for Kaiju No. 8, everything I say is all upon on episode 1. I’ve noticed a lot of things in the anime that I am unaware of regarding the plot. Now, let’s discuss each of the incidents from Kaiju No. 8, Episode 1. The Man Who Becomes Kaiju, one by one. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about anime. Although I like it, there are some boring parts. First of all, I’m not a big fan of comedy. the protagonist, a thirty-two-year-old failure, behaving like a foolish child.

Everything is great, except for the animation, story, Kaiju, and background music, which I enjoy. For this reason, I feel differently about Kaiju No. 8. In addition, as the title makes clear, I referred to it as a “feel-like attack on Titan.” Fans of AOT, don’t take offense. Simply put, I find this anime to have far too many similarities. Let’s examine how.

Kaiju No. 8: 2024’s New Anime

Kaiju No. 8 2024's New Anime

Let me first give you a brief overview of Kaiju No. 8, including its purpose and the events of the first episode. Let’s first discuss what Kaiju means before moving on to anyone or anything. The meaning of Kaiju, if reduced to a single word, is “Monsters” or “Strange Beast.” Monsters are referred to as kaiju. You now understand the essence of anime. In the world of anime, there are a lot of monsters that cause havoc, and the government has divided itself into numerous groups to combat them.

To begin with, let us introduce both characters. Kaiju No. 8’s main character, Kafka Hibino, is currently cleaning for the anti-Kaiju squad. The Kaiju defense team will kill him. to tidy up the trash. You’ll get the impression that he’s 32 when you watch this anime, too. Yes, the anime’s central figure is thirty-two-year-old Kafka Hibino. I didn’t particularly enjoy the comedy right away, or he’s acting like some idiot who gave up on his goals and has no ambition anymore. I did not visit everyone, but our protagonist, who is failing at the moment, is going to turn into the anime’s hero.

Godzilla like Monster

In the opening scene of Kaiju No. 8, a massive Kiaju that resembles Godzilla is seen attacking or wreaking havoc over Tokyo. One observation is that the majority of individuals perceive the difference as though it were something that happened every day. The love interest of our main character, Mina Ashiro, is the leader of the Kaiju, and we are then sent to fight them in the Third Division. Kafka’s childhood friends are this girl and him. Without any casualty, Kaiju can be eliminated by the third division with ease. That thing was almost as big as Godzilla, and it was annihilated in a matter of shots. Subsequently, we discover that Kafka Hibino, our protagonist, works in the cleaning department and is responsible for cleaning Kaiju’s body and blood.

Mina Ashiro and Kafka Hibino

Mina Ashiro and Kafka Hibino

Upon initially viewing this anime, I didn’t realize that Kaiju No. 8 also featured a love story. No matter how bad things get, we will never forget the love and dreams of our youth as long as we both remain our main character or his love interest. Both Kafka Hibino and Mina Ashiro had fantasized about becoming soldiers when they were younger. Hibino Kafka promises to protect Mina Ashiro whenever she needs him, so either kill Kaiju with me. However, as Mina Ashiro goes after her dream, our hero discovers that he has remembered his promise to her. Thus, it can be concluded that in anime, romance belongs here.

In this episode of Kaiju No. 8, Ichikawa, a new character, is introduced. He will assist Kafka in the cleaning department. The interesting part starts now: I take in too much information. In addition, Ichikawa, a cleaning assistant, must enlist in the anti-kaiju unit. When Kaiju attacks Ichikawa as he is thanking Kafka for his assistance, Kafka intervenes to save him. In this scene, take note of one thing. Kafka has lightning-fast reflexes. After twice saving Ichikawa from that monster, he gives himself up and orders Ishikawa to contact the Third Division. As our hero is about to die, Kafka is saved by Mina Ashiro and her group.

The Man That Turns Into a Kaiju

Kafka in Kaiju Form

Following the accident, Kafka changes into Kaiju No. 8 (the name the government gave to Kafka’s Kaiju), and he and Ichikawa are admitted to the hospital. The next scene shows Kafka transformed into a Kaiju after a Kaiju appears in front of him and gets into his mouth. This concludes the episode and raises several questions, which we will address one by one. Yes, one more thing: this is the episode’s end credit scene, in which we are reminded of the old tale of Mina Ashiro in the bathtub, where Kafka tells her he will always save her when she gets into trouble, and today Mina saves Kafka. He receives a call informing him that a Kaiju has been sighted in the hospital after she accuses him of lying.

Let’s start by discussing why I chose to compare Kaiju No. 8 to Attack on Titan. The thing that stumps me the most about both of their stories is how similar they seem to be, with strange beasts that you have to stop. Division: At first our hero is just a regular, helpless human, but he eventually turns into a master. They both experienced the death of loved ones when they were young. These were the minor details that struck me as being comparable.

Upon viewing the episode, a few queries emerged.

The “Bug Kaiju” may be talking to someone before transforming Kafka into Kaiju No. 8, indicating that Kaiju or a human manipulating Kaiju is transforming Kafka into Kaiju. Desires. However, why limit it to Kafka? And a lot of general inquiries concerning the world, such as the number of divisions, the origins of these Kaiju, and so forth.

Ultimately, I want to say that even though Kaiju No. 8 might be a typical shonen anime like Solo Leveling, I still think it’s worth a shot. The main character is the reason I don’t like this anime as much; perhaps you will.

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