Boruto Chapter 8: Finally, We Are Going to See the True Power of Himawari Uzumaki

Boruto Chapter 8: Finally, We Are Going to See the True Power of Himawari Uzumaki

Himawari Uzumaki is the most underrated character in Boruto. Boruto chapter 8 shares some glimpses of his power, or, as I say, tease it. I will come on that topic, but first, talk about what happened in Boruto Chapter 8. It’s kind of important what happens in this chapter, unlike some of the previous chapters. This chapter is kind of slow, I say. because in all the last chapters since Boruto Blue Vortex started, we see only fights, and between the fights, we discover some things about Time Skip. like, what happened with Sasuke, Boruto’s training, and much more. If you are going to read this, I say one thing: this chapter feels slow.

What Happens in Boruto Chapter 8

Kawaki comes to Recuse

There is nothing much to happen till the end, so I will just give you a small brief of everything that happened. First, in Botuto Chapter 7, Mitsuki finds Boruto and fights with him. They are far away. With the help of Eida Kawaki, she was able to track Boruto and go to hunt him. Delta also follows him by the order of Eida. Next, we see around Konoha that one Claw Grim is goofing around. Just like code, Jura and Sasuke travel through the mark of Claw Grim. Alongside Boruto and Shikamaru, they’re still talking about what’s going on.

Now, in Boruto Chapter 8, I find some interesting things. If Ten-Tails, or, I say, the Divine Tree, sucks up the chakras of people, if he can catch Boruto and Kawaki and suck up their chakras, the planet is doomed. The planet will die. From the Claw Grim, four of them awakened self-awareness: Jura, Hidari (Susuke), Moegi, and Bug, whom they called the Shinju. On this side, Kawaki and Delta are going to capture Boruto. So, they connect with Shikamaru. So, Boruto uses a flying Raijin and goes away. I tell you ablur that one of Claw Grim is goofing around; according to his mark, the mightiest villains in Boruto are going to come to Konoha.

The Jura and Himawari Uzumaki Connection

Jura andd Hidari (Sasuke) at Konoha in Boruto Chapter 8

Finally, in Boruto Chapter 8, Konoha and others know about the self-awareness of Ten Tails. Jura and Hidari (Susuke) come to Konoha. The sensory unit alerts Shikamaru that two guys have arrived without warning or summons. One of them is Sasuke Uchiha. The other one is still unknown. So many guards come to stop them, but they are too powerful. Edia senses their presence and tells Shikamaru about the Claw Grims.

Kawaki senses the presence of Konoha and comes to save him, but Jura, with just one kick, makes him unconscious. Moto’s reason for coming to Konoha is that Jura wants to consume Naruto Uzumaki, and Hidari (Sasuke) is going to do the same with Sarada Uchiha. He confirms that Naruto is still alive and that he is in Konoha. Now, New Ino-Shika-Chō Team 10 comes to fight with them with Himawari Uzumaki. After seeing Himawari Uzumaki, Jura says, Here, you are Naruto Uzumaki, and the chapter ends.

The Shinju (Team of Claw Grim) Seeks Out Himawari Uzumaki

Claw Grims

Boruto Chapter 8 left so many questions behind: is Himawari Uzumaki Jinchūriki or not? and we also know about the only two identities. First are Sasuke and Moegi. Jura and Bug are still in the shadows. according to fans. Jura is Gara just because, at the time, Gara is Jinchūriki, so he can sense other Jinchūriki, and also because he is close to Naruto. We all see that Sauske wants to consume Sarada, and Moegi is going after Konohamaru. By that point, Gara is the one who fits into it. But I say this might not happen because Ten Tails uses their chakra. sensory unit recognizes the chakra of Sasuke. Just think about it. Gara is the Kazekage. I don’t think that they were able to recognize his chakra.

In Boruto Chapter 8, one more thing I noticed is that Jura has Rinnegan and Gara doesn’t, so that theory is not going to be true. Also, the fourth guy after Eida is still unknown. Now, come to Himawari. Remember when Daemon tells us that Boruto and Kawaki are no match for Himawari, and there are three years, so she might be training and getting stronger? Now, the question is why Jura senses Naruto’s chakra and tells Himawari Uzumaki that he is Jinchūriki.

The Biggest Question After Boruto Chapter 8

HImawari Uzumaki

Is Himawari Uzumaki Jinchūriki? I say yes. But which one is it, our Kuruma? Two possibilities have happened in the last three years. This happened because if Naruto is at the place, he doesn’t do that. So, the theory is after the capture of Naruto. Kawaki does that with Himawari. Also, the question is: which tale beast does he have? There is a high possibility of Shukaku (a one-tailed beast) now that Gara has. or the next theory is amazing.

Remember when Minato sealed half of his chakra in Naruto, the other half in Naruto, and the other half in himself? So, here is the thing: at the end of Naruto Shippuden, all tail beasts are free. Gara and others don’t have the power of the tail beast. I remember the scene when Naruto shouted at Kuruma San and said he was going to miss him. Kururma said that half of his family is already with him. So, Naruto and others are sealing that half-power somewhere, and Kawaki knows about it. He transmitted that power to Himawari Uzumaki. That’s it. That was my take on Boruto Chapter 8.

At the end, I tell you one thing: Masashi Kishimoto is cooking something that might blow your mind.

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