Salaar Trailer Review: One More Masterpiece By Prashanth Neel

Salaar Trailer Review: One More Masterpiece By Prashanth Neel

One thing you need to know is that the Salaar Trailer is average, for we just witnessed the best trailer and movie of 2023 Animal, and it’s amazing. But when I step aside from Animal and look again at the Salaar trailer, it is a real deal. Salaar is something that you never want to miss. What is wrong is the timing of the trailer launch. And one more thing: just a little while before the director, “Prashanth Neel,” announced that there is no connection between KGF and Salaar.

Timing and the director’s statement backfired on the hype for this trailer, and even when I saw it the first time, it did not look like a big deal. and my first reaction after watching is that it’s not good enough to take me to the theater. But as I said before, after some time and changing my mindset, something big came from Prashanth Neel and Hombale Films. First, it felt like a Sahho but was made by Prashant Neel, but I was wrong. How? Let’s see in this review.

Details in the Salaar Trailer

Deva (Prabhas) and Vardhraja (Pruthviraj)

The trailer does contain so many things that I am not able to see for the first time, like Big History before our main character. The 3:47-minute-long trailer might spoil the story of the movie, but this trailer might hide something big. The first thing is “Main Villan.” Let me tell you how.

The trailer starts with two children called Salaar Deva (Prabhas) and Vardhraja (Pruthviraj). Deva drags Vardharaja and tells him to say the name of the person who dared to touch him. scene cut, we see Deva take an oath in front of his friend: “He is always there for him, and whatever he needs to do, whether it means killing someone or giving his own life, he is always there for him.” Now comes the best part that grabs my interest. If you love to see politics for the throne, then you love this too.

We see a big flashback from around a thousand years ago. Some dacoits were more brutal and heartless than Mahmud Ghazni and Changez Khan. In some shots, they killed and burned all the villages, and they stayed and raised their empire in Khansaar. and we come to the present, where Khansar became a big kingdom ruled by Rajamannar (Jagapathi Babu), who wished for his son to become the king of Khansaar before he died.

Rebel Star Entry

This is the first time I noticed detail in the Salaar Trailer; there are three statues and only one throne. Statues are Wolf, Bull, and Eagle, and just one throne and bull might be the leader of all tribes. Yes, those statues represent the three tribes that unite and rule Khansaar. A great leader of the three tribes might be a bull just because Rajamannar and Vardhraja are the nose rings that represent a bull.

After Rajamannar left and chaos started, all of the other tribes tried to kill Vardhraja. They came with different armies of hundreds of people, and now Salaar came to save his friend and believe me, he was brutal and had a one-man army. He killed so many people. I think this movie gets an A-rate certificate.

Trailer: Hype or not?

The trailer looks promising. It is long and tells so much about the movie and its plot, but at the same time, I don’t know why it feels like the trailer hides something big. There is no villain. Yes, some people tried to sit on the throne and rule Khansaar, but we don’t see anyone who stands against Deva (Salaar). Also, this trailer can hype the movie.

This movie was released on December 22, 2023, by Dunki. Both movies are different, but this will be the biggest clash of the 2023 Dunki vs. Salaar. Let’s see who will win.

Last but not least, I just want to say that Salaar might be a movie that brings our Prabhas back. Some movies like Adipurush, Sahho, and Radhey Shaym are bad, and Adipurush is one of them. Let’s hope for the best for Prabhash. And yes, one more time, I tell you that Salaar is an individual movie; there is no connection between KGF and Salaar. If you are excited to see a connection between them, you might be disappointed.

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