Tiger 3 Review (I Couldn’t Understand What It Was)

Tiger 3 Review (I Couldn’t Understand What It Was)

Tiger 3 Review In a nutshell, everything that happens in the film is similar to high-level Hollywood films like Bond and Mission Impossible, but they fail to make us feel that everything is extremely dangerous and threatening. When “Salman Khan (Bhai)” enters the battle, it’s as if he slams all the villains and the story. As I previously stated, they fail to make us feel.

Tiger 3 Review (Cast & Performance)

The entire cast gave it their all. Everyone is doing an excellent job. I say that much, but I believe there is more in the editing section. This is the point at which the film collapses. Salman Bhai, as always, does an excellent job. When you see him on the screen, you get the impression that Salman Khan was born to play a tiger,” and Katrina Kaif’s action in this film was, at times, better than other sequences. However, the film becomes a drag on you after a while, and you become bored.

There’s also “Imran Hashmi.” He does an excellent job. As Aatish Rehman, I enjoy seeing him as a villain. If Emraan Hashmi had not been in the film, it could have been much worse. In my opinion, the best casting choice.


  • Salman Khan As Avinash Singh Rathore or Say Tiger
  • Katrina Kaif As Zoya
  • Imran Hashmi As Aatish Rehman
  • Ranveer Shorey As Gopi Arya
  • Kumund Mishra As Rakesh Prasad
  • and More.

Tiger 3 Story

It’s basic; like in other spy movies, there’s a threat to India, or, as I prefer to call it, Pakistan and our hero Tiger is on a mission to save Pakistan. Let us begin at the beginning. Tiger is on a mission to save Gopi in the opening scene, and he succeeds with some crazy action. Following that, Gopi informs him that someone is a double agent, and that agent’s name is “Zoya.”

The tiger must now determine whether Zoya is a double agent or not. The tiger has taken over Gopi’s mission; he left and died, so he must save one man in Russia. During that mission, he accepts Zoya as a traitor. The tiger is hit on the head during the fight with Zoya, and he collapses. Now comes a star, “Imran Hashmi.” He appears and discusses his relationship with Zoya as well as why he betrayed everyone. He also discusses the tiger’s past relationship with himself.

Aatish Rehman kidnaps Junior to use Tiger and Zoya as pawns. He told them to steal briefcases from Turkey, which Tiger and his team did with style. At the end of the “Katrina Kaif” fight scene, Zoya goes to save Junior and the tiger captured by Turkey’s military, and they hand over the tiger to Pakistan because the briefcase they stole contains a launch code for a Pakistani missile. The missile was completely useless without the briefcase

It’s Interval Time

Now it’s time to pay off everything they’ve built, and the picture begins to blur. With long fight sequences, the Pathan “Shahrukh Khan” cameo, and the Last Parliament House fight—everything just keeps going and going. Salman fights an infinite Pakistani man, and the miracle is that he has never been shot in the body. Tiger Bhai transforms into an invincible bullet that cannot even approach him. This is the point at which I lost interest in the film.

The movies began to disappoint me with one action after another. It’s not that I dislike long sequences. I adore long shots in films such as John Wick, Mission Impossible, and Extraction; they are all the biggest and best examples of long shots, and I adored them all.

There are some good scenes, but as I previously stated, the editing of the film is the biggest flaw, and you notice it several times.

Final Verdict

If you are a big Salman Khan fan or go see Tiger 3 with your family, they might cancel you like this movie, but why don’t I like it as much as Jawan or Pathan? It’s because my eyes and mind eventually find a flaw or flaw in the action, the director, and the entire film, but as a fanboy, it’s fantastic.

Hope you Like My Tiger 3 Review.

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