5 Best Flop Movies That Are Actually Worth Watching

5 Best Flop Movies That Are Actually Worth Watching

I provide a list of box office Flop Movies that are worth seeing in this article. This is my favorite list; I think they are some fantastic films. A few of them win awards, and the cast does some excellent acting as well. A lot of films are based on stories, and stories are what give films their force. I enjoy the kind of films that essentially touch your heart. Indeed, a few of them are good in terms of both the plot and the actor’s performances. First, let’s look at a list of Flop Movies that are nonetheless worth seeing.

Bhavesh Joshi Superhero (Most underrated Superhero Movie in India)

Bhavesh Joshi Superhero movies

You will love Bhavesh Joshi Superhero if you like Batman or any other helpless superhero. Allow me to summarise the main storyline of the movie. This is the tale of three college buddies who created the YouTube channel “Insaaf TV” to fulfill their desire to serve society by combating corruption. Anything that happened wrong in the area around them, such as speeding or corruption, was caught on a recording. After they graduate, things are different. Although two of them get corporate employment, Bhavesh Joshi manages without them.

After learning about the community’s water crisis, he made his investments. When he learned the truth about the water issue, one of his friends, Siku, bought off the police so he could obtain a US visa ahead of schedule. When Bhavesh learned of this, he became enraged with him and they fought over their disparate worldviews. Following that, Bhavesh was killed by Patil, the leader of a political party.

Currently, Siku Take up vigilantism. It’s now necessary to make up for what they did for his pal. I promise you, this is the best superhero film to come out of Bollywood. Harshvardhan Kapoor, Priyanshu Painyuli, and all of the actors gave outstanding performances. Hand-to-hand combat and fight scenes are truly different.

Swades (One of the Flop Movies of Shah Rukh Khan)


The most realistic tales devoid of action or compelling language are those that capture the essence of India’s rural areas, as stated in one of Shah Rukh Khan‘s most exquisite, poignant, and technically flawless performances. I promise that if you enjoy Ground movies, you will feel moved by this film. I distinctly recall that my teacher introduced us to this movie in the tenth grade. As a tremendous fan of Shah Rukh Khan, my friend and I informed the man that the movie was one of his Flop Movies. He simply grinned and replied, “You don’t have enough understanding to know how great a movie is.” multiple times when viewing television. We watched this movie multiple times, but each time I became weary of it.

However, my friend and I watched the movie that day after talking, and I can still clearly recall one of the sequences that made me cry. This is what occurred to me the first time I saw the heartbreaking movie, and it was then that I fell in love with the Cinema. I’ll attempt to describe the scene.

When Shah Rukh Khan takes the train, it halts at a tiny station known as Ajite. A scream-making toddler approaches and tries to sell a glass of water. When he approaches Shah Rukh Khan’s character Mohan, he gives the child a long look and picks up a glass of water. He performs the entire moment with a great deal of emotion; it’s a sign of excellence, and after seeing Shah Rukh Khan in that part, I was just in awe. I started crying without recognizing it.

I haven’t shared any specifics or a tale with you. I apologize for that. Without seeing, this narrative is never fully comprehended. The problem is, I’m at a loss for words when it comes to this film.

Tamasha (This Movie Doesn’t Deserve in this Flop Movies List)


Ranbir Kapoor has dazzled us with his exceptional performance from the start of his career, making some films genuinely beloved by critics and others not. The greatest instances of crowd appeal are Barfi! and Rockstar, but “Tamasha” is consistently included in lists of “flop movies,” or, as some like to say, “untreated,” simply because it isn’t a film that is suitable for everyone.

This movie has a relatively straightforward plot. Beginning with a journey to Corsica, two Indian strangers named Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) and Tara (Deepika Padukone) get to know one another, do crazy things together, and eventually fall in love. They then travel to India. For some, the back story goes down. This is a dull section of the film, and when you watched Ranbir Kapoor’s performance, he played a different character—a corporate who was just interested in developing, raising his pay, or leading a life devoid of enjoyment.

This movie has an incredible finale. I won’t reveal the conclusion; instead, watch what is, in my opinion, the best Bollywood movie ending ever.

Guzaarish (Most Untreated and Unknown Movie of Hrithik Roshan)


The Unknown and Most Untreated Film Starring Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Hrithik Roshan The director of this film is, in fact, Sanjay Leela Bhansali. If you know him, you already know how talented he is. The film is made more endearing by Ashwariya and Hrithik’s performances.

The tale of Ethan, a magician who suffered a severe injury that left him crippled for the previous fourteen years. He resides with Sofia D’Souza, his nurse, and works as a radio host. After 14 years, he decided to leave his legacy to Omar to stop his suffering and file an appeal in court. He also wants to die while he is meeting with Omar.

While viewing this film, you will experience a range of emotions, including hope, despair, and serenity. As always, Hrithik Roshan’s acting is superb. The last scene is enough to say “it’s amazing”

Masaan (Award Winning Movie Of Vicky Kaushal)


Criticise Vicky Kaushal’s movie as well as the director. This file chooses to focus on the film’s plot rather than discussing major issues. a tale of two distinct individuals coming together with a more grounded strategy and an emotionally charged narrative discussing a genuine issue such as extortion and love.

The student committed suicide in the bathroom after the cops discovered her and the trainer from a coaching computer center in a hotel room. She has to offer the policeman Rs. 3 lakh to survive. The second tale is of an engineering student who fell in love and now has to persuade his parents to tie the knot; sadly, she passed away in a bus crash.

This file is all about unadulterated, primal feelings. Vicky Kaushal and Richa Chadda had excellent performances in this film, which you should watch. Special Mention for “Sanajy Mishra”

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