Weekly News #1: AOT Finale, New Film Dates, No More Loki, and More

Weekly News #1: AOT Finale, New Film Dates, No More Loki, and More

First Weekly News Each week, we begin a fresh series. You receive news on anime, video games, pop culture, Hollywood, and more. There’s been a tonne of updates and news from Hollywood this week. You see them in the news, which is a major factor in this.

Biggest Weekly News (SAG AFTRA Strike is Over)

SAG AFTRA Strike is Over

Finally, the SAG AFTRA strike has ended after 118 days. The problem is that actor associations and producers have contracts worth more than $1 billion for things like minimum wages, AI agreements, and insurance and security. and from now on, everything will begin anew. We witnessed numerous movie trailers, trailer promotions, and brand-new trailers.

Weekly Announcements & Updates

  • Season 2 of Arcane on Netflix Publish Date: November 20, 2024
  • Rable Moon premieres with a new teaser on December 22, 2023.
  • Zack Synder claims in an interview that Army of Dead and Rable Moon exist in the same realm, or the actual Snyderverse.
  • Wes Ball, the director of “The Maze Runner,” directed Legend of Zelda: Live Action, which was produced by Sony.
  • Marvel’s New Series Rumour (What If Vemon Bond With)
  • The most exciting news for gamers each week is the arrival of Grand Theft Auto 6; a trailer is set to release in December.
  • Great Success In ten days, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 sold five million units. I adored Insomniac Games.
  • The second season of Marvel News “What if” will debut in December.
  • Good news for lovers of anime On December 25, Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead will air its final three episodes. Every episode was made available on the same day.
  • You See Me 3 Now will confirm.

New Release Dates

Weekly News and Updates on Upcoming Film Releases in 2025 and Next Year

  • Superhero lovers should not look forward to 2024 because there will only be one Marvel film, no DC film, and two more Sony films.
    • Marvel’s unnamed Deadpool 3 film is set to release on July 26, 2024.
    • The Hunter Kraven on August 30
    • November 8 is Venom 3. Sony produced the two films.
  • List of Superhero Movies in 2025
    • Captain America: Brave New World from Marvel, released on February 14, 2025
    • Fantastic Four from Marvel on May 2 (casting details to be confirmed soon)
    • James Gunn’s DC’s Superman: Legacy on July 11
    • Marve’s Thunderbolts on July 25th, once more (only two weeks)
    • On October 3, get ready for Robert Pattinson’s Batman Part 2.
    • Last but not least, Marvel released Mahershala Ali’s Blade on November 7.

Saddest Weekly News

  • Sad news for lovers of Loki For us, there are no more Loki seasons. Thus, although Loki’s personal journey is concluded, the MCU continues to feature us as Loki.
  • Unfortunately, anime fans The fourth and final episode of Attack on Titan, or AOT, was released. The incredibly terrible thing about it is that there are no more seasons.
  • Sadly, Marvel has news. Their movie had the lowest opening ever. The Marvels, with the amazing Hulk as their leader (2008)

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