Top Anime For Beginners (As Per Your Taste)

Top Anime For Beginners (As Per Your Taste)

Here is a list of anime for beginners, as per your taste. I tried to create a list according to your interests. like if you love to watch short and sweet or long and interesting, thrilling, and romantic. Every year, just like a movie, so many anime will be released too. Some of them are popular, like One Piece and Naruto. Some of them are underrated, like the Tomodachi Game. If you plan to start watching anime and are confused about how to start, in this list of anime for beginners, I tried to create a list of different types of anime and tastes. If you want to start with a short and sweet anime, I will give you at least two anime names.

Let’s start with a list of the most common anime for beginners.

Death Note: The Most Common Anime for Beginners

Death Note

In 2018, I was watching YouTube, and a video came into my feed where a triggered human was talking about Death Note. I heard about anime for the first time in my life, and then I went on Netflix and watched Death Note without sleeping or eating. 36 episodes over in one day, think about it. My first anime was as a beginner, and this happened. When I asked other people who already watch anime, almost 60% of people in my group said that Death Note is the most common anime for beginners.

If you love to see mind games and two brilliant minds trying to defeat each other, just like Sherlock Holmes or other spy movies, then this is for you. This anime is about the genius high school students Light Yagami and Cop L. More, who could have spoiled the plot for you; therefore, I advise you to simply watch the film.

The most popular anime to watch

In this list, I add anime with more than 100 episodes that are popular too. Like One Piece and Naruto. Let’s start.

One Piece

one piece anime

With more than 1000 episodes, this anime is always at the top of anyone’s list. In this anime, you follow the story of Luffy, who wanted to become a pirate king. The world-building, characters, powers, friendships, and dreams of this anime always take place among anime fans. I suggest you, as a beginner, don’t start with One Piece just because if you can watch One Piece, there’s a strong possibility other animes might not impress you that much. This anime is something else, with 1089 episodes and so many questions since October 1999.


naruto shippuden anime

750 episodes and two parts This is the most beloved and emotional anime for beginners. Naruto, if you ever heard about anime before, is the name of Naruto. A Ninja who wanted to become Hokage. A ninja world with a rich history of the world, so many powerful characters, and a painful backstory. Naruto is an emotional rollercoaster. I wrote before that 60% of people start with a death note. The thing is, 25% plus starts the anime journey with Naruto. Yes, this anime is so great that most people prefer Naruto to start.


Bleach Anime

Big Three Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach. They are the benchmark of anime that no one might be able to achieve. These three animes are amazing with storytelling, world-building, and villains, especially. There is a chance that you heard about Madara, Aizen, and Doflemingo. A most disappointing thing about Blech is the fillers episode; almost full arcs are fillers. Except for fights, powerful characters, and Aizen. That guy is too amazing. I don’t recommend this anime either, just because the plot and story are too good.

Dragon Ball Z

Dargon ball Daima

One of the oldest and most popular anime. The powerful main characters and other powerful side characters in this anime are filled with action and emotions. Dragon Ball is the anime that every 90’s kid sees on TV, just like Pokemon. In this anime, we follow the story of Goku a Saiyen, including how he came to earth, how he made friends, and how he loves to fight with powerful characters. In Dragon Ball Super episode 110, when Goku is transformed into Ultra Instinct, that moment is more hyped than anything.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Must Try Anime

full metal alchemist brotherhood

If you check out any list of anime for beginners, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood always takes place on that list. This anime is too good to contain so many heartbreaking moments, and it does contain one of the most melancholy scenes in anime. The story of two brothers who try to bring back their mother but fail One brother loses his body, and one loses his arm. Now they go on a journey to get back what they lost. The magic world has powerful characters and one big villain with unlimited powers. special mention to deaths that make you cry.


From February 1996 to 2023, we follow Ash’s journey to become a Pokémon trainer, with more than 1200. This is one of the most popular anime in the anime world. This anime has also gained popularity on TV. Different types of Pokémon and trainers: Ash and Pikachu achieved their dreams and wanted to become Pokémon trainers. I don’t need to tell you how good the anime is. Movies, games, merchandise, and series are all still popular, even for non-anime watchers.

Hunter × Hunter

The most different anime on this list. Just because of this anime, there is more focus on journeys and motions than fights or villains. It does not mean that this is bad if you love character development and journey-based movies or series. There are so many things that I don’t like, like the length of the anime. This anime might become small, but they drag it, but in the end, it’s worth it. When it comes to the last fight, this anime becomes something else. There are so many good things about Hunter × Hunter that you will love it when you see the whole show.

Now, the Most Popular Anime to Watch list is over. Now, it’s time to list out the other anime category-wise. What I do is just write the name and make a short decision, so you can start watching as soon as you want.

Shonen Anime (Fill with Action and Fantasy)

One of the most popular types of anime is short, action-packed, and has amazing storytelling. You are on the list of the best shonen anime for beginners. All of the above are Shonen too, but they are on another level, so I made a different list.

Mob Psycho 100

This is the story of a young boy with psychic power. His psychic power might get out of control when he becomes the most dangerous. This story is all about controlling power. With 37 episodes, you can see this anime on Netflix.

Jujutsu Kaisen

one of the most popular anime in modern times. the story of Yuji Itadori, a young boy who eats a cursed object and becomes dangerous. When it started, most people said it was a kind of cheap copy of Naruto, but now, after the Shibuya arc, everyone is just surprised. With just 24 episodes, you can see it on Crunchyroll. This anime is also available in Hindi.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Anime with the Best Animation)

This anime has the best animation and popular fights. This anime is one of the most popular in modern times. Again, this is the story of a young boy whose family was killed by a demon, but somehow his sister was saved and became a demon. Now, for revenge, he joins the Demon Slayer Corps to kill that demon. With 45 episodes, you can see it on Netflix.

Dr. Stone

Somehow, one doctor does time travel, goes back in time to ancient times, and turns into stone. then somehow he just broke out and developed what was happening. With more than 24 episodes, you can watch it on Crunchyroll.

Chainsaw Man

crazy and edgy anime with Demon and Hunters. We follow the story of Denji, the poor boy who somehow gets the powers and joins hunters. This anime is crazy about its fight and also the motivation of our main characters. With 12 episodes, you can see it on Crunchyroll, which is also available in Hindi dubbed.

One Punch Man

We follow the story of the most powerful hero in the entire universe. No matter who comes in front of him to defeat anyone, he just needs one punch. I believe this is the funniest situation for a superhero. With 24 episodes, you can watch it on Netflix.

Attack on Titan (the most popular anime of the Morden Times)

without a doubt the most popular anime of Morden times. This anime will blast from the first episode. It’s amazing with the story and twist. the story of three friends in a town where some titans attack and eat everyone. Now they join forces to save the people. This is just the premise of the first episode. After the second season, this anime will become something else. With 94 episodes, you can watch them on Deisny+.

Short, sweet, and romantic

I just gave you the list; some of them are just too heartbreaking, and yes, from the list, there might be one or two that are still pending for me.

  1. Your lie in April
  2. Toradora
  3. Your Name
  4. I want to eat your pancreas.
  5. weathering with you.
  6. Suzume
  7. 5 centimeters per second.
  8. Kagyua Sama, love is war.
  9. Spy X Family

Sports and Crazy Animes

This list is my favorite anime, with some different approaches, like some of them being too dark and some of them being too good. If you love some crazy things, this list is for you. Also, Hikyuu is the sports anime that I love most.

  1. Pluto
  2. Monster
  3. Tokyo Ghoul
  4. Vinland Saga
  5. Code Geass
  6. Hikyuu
  7. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Some special mentions include My Hero Academia, Parasyte, Re Zero, and more. They are good, too.

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