Madame Web Trailer Review (Cheap Product Again by Sony)

Madame Web Trailer Review (Cheap Product Again by Sony)

Why is Sony doing this? I don’t see why they don’t have anything to market other than Spider-Man. Everything I love about Spiderman has been ruined one by one by Sony and Marvel also has some contribution. Madame Web is one of the most popular Spider-Man-related characters. After seeing this teaser, I had the impression that they had damaged something else, as we had seen Morbius before.

There are so many negative things I can say about this trailer, such as the old, silly cinematography. I’m not against it, but you cast Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson in your film. I’m not sure why you’re squandering resources; I knew when the announcement came that Morbius’s writer and Madame Web’s writer

Everything else aside, I enjoy watching a trailer, especially one starring Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson, because you’ve already made money by casting these two. I will undoubtedly watch this film. It’s not that the trailer is bad in general, but it has the sense of a fan art film, as evidenced by Ezikel’s costume.

Madame Web Trailer Review

It’s like a cosplayer shows up to do a movie, and while some of the elements in the movie are bad, the plot is what keeps me interested in Madame Web, so let’s speak about it.

Madame Web’s Plot

Cassandra Web, who has the ability to predict the future, travels to a restaurant and meets three girls: Julia Carpenter, Mattie Franklin, and Anya Corazon. Then Ezekiel appears and murders everyone, although this is only a vision. Now we see how Cassandra Web obtains his skills, as well as Ben Parker (Peter Parker’s uncle) working with him in some sort of rescue team during the rescue. Madame Web was in a strange palace after an accident. When Ben saves her, she begins to glimpse the future, so she gets an eye exam.

The best part of the trailer in the metro is now here. Cassandra sees glimpses of the future and saves people in the metro, and when the four major characters meet, they find they have a link. Cassandra Web’s backstory was revealed in the trailer. They must now protect themselves from Ezekiel, who has a connection to Cassandra.

Finally, they all get powers and, yeah, a dumb costume, and fight that man.

The story has the makings of a wonderful film, but the cinematography, costumes, and direction fall short. Let us all hope for the best in this film.

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