Boruto Chapter 7: Mitsuki vs. Boruto It’s a One-Sided Fight

Boruto Chapter 7: Mitsuki vs. Boruto It’s a One-Sided Fight

With the release of Boruto Chapter 6, we all wanted to know about the conclusion of the fight between Mitsuki and Boruto. Now, in Boruto Chapter 7, we conclude that it’s one-sided that Boruto easily defeats Mitsuki, even though he is in his sage mode. We all know that after the time skips, Boruto becomes powerful and skilled. but this is too much Mitsuki in Sage Mode defeated in one shot. It’s a good thing but think this way right now. As per all seven chapters, we might say that Boruto and Kawaki are the strongest of all. Right, but no.

I will tell you why, but first, let’s start with what happened in Boruto Chapter 7.

Boruto Chapter 7: Mitsuki vs. Boruto

Boruto Chapter 7 starts with a conversation between Kwaki and Mitsuki when he tells Kawaki that He is the sun and I am the moon that lights by you. You are the one who gives meaning to life. Now, the fight starts. In the last chapter, we see that Mitsuki can track Boruto and attack him in his sage mode. There is nothing much to say about the fight; it’s kind of one-sided, and Boruto easily overpowered him. But the noticeable thing is that Bourto is going to master Flying Raijin. Also, he can use his blade with lightning power.

Do you know what I feel after seeing his fight in Boruto Chapter 7? Boruto now becomes the combination of Minato, Sasuke, and Kakashi. This was the kind of fight I wanted to see in anime. Let’s not go there. Boruto asks Mitsuki about Kawaki during their fight. He says that he knows that right now you are more powerful than Kawaki. So he comes alone, refusing to give in to Kawaki to save Kawaki. Boruto refuses to fight with him. and Shikamaru (with the help of Ino) confirms that Mitsuki makes Kawaki unconscious and becomes Rouge.

Who is your sun?

In that fight, Mitsuki tried different attacks, and in just one shot, Boruto destroyed all the clones and defeated him. Then he tells him to stop. Then Boruto told him that he was desperate because his trust was shaken. The one he trusts is no longer trustworthy. After that, Boruto tells him that he is the real Sun, not Kawaki. Still, Mitsuki tries to bind with the snake and tell him that he is a liar. Then Boruto tells him that he knows that Kawaki is not you, Sun. You are capable of becoming a sun, but if you still have doubt, come to me, and I will become your sun again.

Boruto Chapter 7 teases the comeback of Naruto Uzumaki. Shikamaru (with the help of Ino) is also listening to all things, but only Boruto’s voice. He tells Ino to expand his reach, but Ino refuses and tells him that’s risky. Mitsuki can listen to your conversation too if she expands more. Now, Boruto tells him to calm down; he doesn’t have any intention to kill Kawaki. He has some business with him, but he settles that one-on-one between the brothers. Then Mitsuki asks him why he killed Hokage (Naruto Uzumaki). In reply, he tells them not to worry; he is alive with his wife. Shikamaru and Ino also listened to them and were shocked.

Boruto Chapter 7 Teases the Comeback of Naruto Uzumaki

After that, Shikamaru told Boruto that they needed to talk, and Boruto told him about everything. During that, Kawaki was awake and asked Eida about Mitsuki. In between, we discover the strange details of how Eida’s power works. Boruto Chapter 7 tells us If anyone knows the truth, what’s happening with him?

Basically, after telling the truth to Shikamaru, Boruto told him to don’t try to figure out how the power works because he soon forgot everything about this. Also, this is not the first time you heard the truth, as Sarada and the class rep told you many times. The idea of omnipotence is so powerful that it will eventually fade from your mind, even as you try to remember it. So, Shikamaru needs to accept it without any proof.

Then Shikamaru asked Boruto how to reverse it. Boruto says that they can’t. For that, he needs to settle all things and tell him to undo them. but he doesn’t want to kill him. Being completely ignorant of the situation, he merely desired to appear normal in Kawaki’s presence.

Claw Grim is exploring the world.

Next, we see that one of the Claw Grim I think the leader reads a book about this world and tries to figure it out. Also, he figures out that the answers he wants are now in those books, so he needs to meet Naruto Uzumaki.

Final Thoughts

There are so many things that we need to know that we might discover in Boruto Chapter 8 on Tuesday, March 18, 2024. like the identity of the two remaining Claw Grims; do they know where Naruto is; Sadara’s power; Kashin Koji’s role; and too many other things? Just bookmark this site. With every chapter, I write this article and try to figure out so many questions.

In Boruto Chapter 7, we learned about Boruto’s and Edia’s powers, and soon we will see the comeback of our favorite Naruto Uzuamaki.

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