Devara: Part 1 Glimpse Review: Looks Good, But Still, I Had a Doute

Devara: Part 1 Glimpse Review: Looks Good, But Still, I Had a Doute

NTR 30, or, as I say, Devara: Part 1 Glimpse looks promising, but I still have my doubts just because of VFX. Just because of “Thugs of Hindostan,” they try to do something like this, but I do not need to tell you that the movie is not just the worst; it is far worse than you thought. Just think about Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, and Katrina Kaif in one movie on ancient pirates, and still that movie is a disaster. This is the 30th NTR movie, and the director is “Koratala Siva,” who already worked with Jr. NTR on Janatha Garage. I don’t need you to tell me that Moive is too good.

But one more thing in 2022 by this director I saw the worst movie, “Acharya,” starring Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi. Believe me, I don’t think Devara: Part 1 is going to be a disaster, but still, I had a bad feeling about it. I try to figure out the best parts, like Saif Ali Khan as the villain and the chemistry between the director and Jr. NTR. In this article, I tried to give some positive points, but first, let’s talk about Devara: Part 1: Glimpse

Devara: Part 1 Glimpse

Action scene

Devara: Part 1 Glimpse starts with some ships that might try to reach the edge; for that, they even go with small boats with hand paddles, and some people are trying to rob the big ships with containers. Those people are too good with that, so I think they are traditional pirates or might be some local tribe who rob the big ships to survive. And then we see Jr. NTR fight with some guys, and he is really brutal with the blood, and in one sequence, when Jr. NTR strikes someone at that time, he completes the moon with blood. Check out the photo. That shot was good. and with the monolog of Jr. NTR Devara: Part 1 of Glimpse is over.

But the main problem is the VFX, or, I say, too many VFX, and also the darker tone, just like in some DC movies. and also the brutality looks good but not like animal. The worst part is when Jr. NTR strikes someone whose blood even looks fake. Seriously, I need to tell you one thing: Director Koratala Siva, take your time. Our favorite star, Jr. NTR, has too much to offer, and you already work with him, if I am not mistaken twice. “Oosaravelli 2011” and “Janatha Garage.” With him, you add Saif Ali Khan as Villian. If this movie hits right, this will be your biggest hit.


  1. Jr. NTR and Koratala Siva’s before work, “Oosaravelli 2011” and “Janatha Garage,” both movies are good. both movies you see on YouTube. might be “Mar Mitenge = Oosaravelli.” You have already seen this movie on TV. Janatha Garage is also famous.
  2. Saif Ali Khan as a villain is the biggest positive for me.
  3. other movies of Koratala Siva, like Bharat Ane Nenu starring Mahesh Babu and Kiara Advani, Mirchi and Munna with Prabhas, and Parugu with Allu Arjun.
  4. One more thing: Heropanti is the official remake of Parugu.
  5. Also, there is the concept of pretty fascinating pirates and survival stories.

That’s it. Those are my pinots to get excited about Devara: Part 1. I totally forgot to mention one name that might pique your interest: Janhvi Kapoor is the main lead.

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