Echo Breakdown: At Least Marvel Decided to Go Wild

Echo Breakdown: At Least Marvel Decided to Go Wild

With the start of 2024, Marvel comes with Echo, the first series of Marvel Spotlight, and yes, the first R-rated series of Marvel. But it is worth it. If you think this will go like some other R-rated movies or series, the answer is “no.” They just play it safe. If I need to tell you what the best parts of Echo are, it’s just Willson Fisk, King Pin, and Daredevil. Yes, the actress who plays the role of Echo is pretty good, but still, I just wanted to see more. The Echo series has the potential to become more exciting and amazing. When it’s started, the first episode and the fight between Daredevil and Maya are too good but too short.

Just think about the series with the brilliant first episode, and then it’s just drag-on. The last fight between Maya and Kingpin has just passed. I don’t know why they decided to go like this. They always do the same thing, just like Secret Invasion. One more thing that I like about Echo is that they release all the episodes at once. All I said before is that you might think this series is not worth watching, but no, it’s not that bad, at least better than Secret Invasion and She-Hulk. not like they do something big; the whole story stays grounded. Native Americans and tribes take hand-to-hand action, but they just do the worst thing with climex. I say it’s lazy work.

Echo Breakdown


The first episode starts after the events of Hawkeye, when Echo learns the truth about her father’s death and kills Kingpin. In the first shot, we see some ancient or what might be another world’s tribe, just like in What If Season 2 Episode 6, just Kahhori’s tribe. They all live in some kind of cave, and suddenly that cave collapses, and one woman somehow saves everyone. After that, they come into our world, and they start to change and take on the human shape of the Native Americans. After that, we see the backstory of Echo. How her mother died, how he met with the Kingpin, and also how she learned to fight. Then, in some missions, Echo goes face-to-face with Daredevil. The fight was short, but it’s the best. then the events of Hawkeye and Maya shot Kingpin.

After that, she comes to her home and makes a plan to sit on the throne of Kingpin; she wants to be queen. That’s it; the first episode is over. After that, all episodes just feel drag. The next episodes focus on the origin of Maya (Echo) or her ancestors. I just wanted to say it is the thing people wanted to see why they are just going and introducing us to new superheroes and tribes.

All Episodes Summary

All other episodes of Echo focus on the backstory of Echo’s tribe. That tribe has the power to heal, and Echo is the echo of that tribe. Whenever something bad is going to happen, she sees some Glimpse; it’s kind of an alert for Maya. That’s it. Yes, there are more details to see, but the basis is that they have the powers of healing and also aim to be good. With every episode, we learn how Echo’s power works and how she learns to develop it. She got her power from his mother when her grandmother was pregnant and gave birth to his mother in the jungle. During that, she learned that Kingpin was alive and that he wanted to take Maya with him.

Maya refused to go with him. So he decided to take her by force, and then the last fight happened. And it just so happens that there is not much to see. The fight between Maya and the Kingpin needs to happen, and Marvel just drops it like nothing. I feel bad for Kingpin; he is too freaking crazy, but first in Hawkeye and now in Echo, he just wipes out like some ant. remember those days when I watched Netflix Daredevil, which shows Kingpin become the real ruthless villain, and he lost to some newbies. I don’t accept this.

Facts to know About Kingpin, Echo, and Daredevil

A few days ago, Marvel announced that Netflix Daredevil is now canon in the MCU. So, Kingpin and Daredevil are some that we saw on Netflix, and that is some great news for me and all of us who see the OG Netflix Daredevil. That show holds a special place in my heart. If you see that show, you know why I say that Kingpin is amazing and ruthless. He is the best; even Daredevil, with his full potnail, finds it hard to beat him. But in the MCU, it’s like some normal villain that is just here to show how good MC becomes.

in some shots when the kingpin told about his father, Daredevil, and he lost someone who conforms to Netflix Daredevil is now canon in the MCU. Even we see that hammer of Kingpin. but all waste. Yes, one more thing: there is the post-credit scene that sets up the event of Daredevil: Born Again.

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