Salaar Release Trailer Review: Marketing Stunt by Prashanth Neel

Salaar Release Trailer Review: Marketing Stunt by Prashanth Neel

Salaar Release Trailer When I first heard about this, I hoped they would not give any spoilers about the movie and everything would go fine until I heard the last monologue of the trailer. The trailer is full of action and some cringe, but it has good dialogue delivery. But you don’t need to tell us what happens at the end of Salaar. This is not a good marketing stunt.

Salaar is A-rated just because of violence, but at some point, I just miss that one-man army action. There’s only one shot, “Cut the Leg,” that was good but not that great. Salaar has to Fight With Dunki from December 16; the early screening of Dunki and early review is too good. So, suddenly, they decided to drop the trailer off on the 17th, but due to some technical reasons, they postponed it to the 18th at 11 a.m., but again delayed it and finally came at 3 p.m.

The movie already has hype among the audience, and I think this has backfired on Prashanth Neel. Let’s hope for the best. The Salaar trailer is not bad; it’s even better than the first trailer.

Salaar Release Trailer Better than First Trailer

The trailer starts with Prabhas’s child character fighting with somebody; to defeat him, he catches the electricity wire. First, I am a big fan of this kind of child scene. As a child, talking about the big thing and taking a lifetime oath wasn’t my cup of tea. Next, there is the one-by-one sequence of the khansar, and in the background, we hear about the story of the Persian Kingdom: if anything happened with the King, he wouldn’t tell anyone except one, and he was the savior, and whatever the King wanted, he brought it to him.

Entry of Prabhas Some guys are mocking him just because he is a mechanic and giving him a gun. There are so many bloody scenes, but just as I said before, it’s not that clear to me. Then we saw Shruti Haasan, and it felt like he was listening to the story of Khansar, but in the present time, why?

Following that, the Salaar Release Trailer features an excessive number of images accompanied by subpar dialogue, which I find odd. The action is good, but not that good. Let’s hope for the better in the movie. Last they tell us, “Khansar will change so many lives, but Khansar Changs after Two Friends become enemies,” and that’s the moment that gave me a spoiler. The thing is, I don’t follow any marketing of Salaar just because I don’t want to spoil it.


When I did some research about the movie, I learned that the director of Salaar, Prashanth Neel, already told me that this is the story of two friends who turned into enemies, which is why I won’t follow the marketing of Salaar. This trailer looks promising enough to create hype, but this is not the way. I am not telling you why they dropped the trailer just before the seventh-day release date; we already saw the Jailer trailer just 7 days before release. The same goes for Animal; they both are amazing trailers.

In the end, my final verdict is that the Salaar release trailer looks good enough; let’s hope for the best, and don’t forget Salaar vs. Dunki.

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