HanuMan Trailer Review: Emerge New Cinematic Universe in India

HanuMan Trailer Review: Emerge New Cinematic Universe in India

If you watch this trailer, you are already aware that Prashanth Varma is going to make a new cinematic universe with HanuMan. Today we see the first HanuMan trailer and its amazing “Goosebumps Guaranteed” on some shots like “Jai Shree Ram” and the last one of Hanuman. This trailer can create hype, at least for me.

When I look back at the 2019 Avengers Endgame release time, everyone in India is talking about when we made the movie like this. It is important to note that while the trailer is not particularly impressive, the significance lies in the fact that “Minnal Murali” became the first satisfactory Indian superhero film after 2019. Like A Flying Jatt, this movie is trash worse than trash. but after 2019, we see Minnal Murli, Brahmāstra, and recently underrated Maaveeran; they all are too good.

The Hanuman trailer gives us the promise that there is no need for 500 crores to make a superhero movie. The anticipated budget for this movie is about 50 crore. Minnal Murli already did this with just 20 CR; they make a great superhero movie. Now it’s time to hype this movie and encourage directors like Prashanth Varma. This individual is the director of the suspense film Awe and the comedy action film Zombie Reddy, for those unaware. If you watch those two movies, you know this guy has the potential to make a good movie.

Let’s talk about the Hanuman trailer.

Goosebumps Guaranteed on Hanuman Trailer

From the starting underwater shot, this trailer gives off the vibe of something big in that underwater shot. Our hero tries to catch that glow in the water. I might think that’s the reason for his power. He has super strength and super speed. Some next shots confirm that he runs faster than a leopard, punches the ground to fly away people, and lastly carries a huge rock to save people. That’s when he explores his power.

The best part of the trailer for me is the text “The Dawn of a New Cinematic Universe,” and with this text, we see the first villain. Yes, some of the shots and dialogue make us believe that we see more than one enemy in Hanuman. The villain is some kind of power-seeking freak, so he makes a suit and tells someone that he needs power, not just in the suit but in his body. There is somebody who has such power.

Now, in the Hanuman Trailer, our main hero, played by “Teja Sajja,” and his sister, played by “Varalaxmi Sarathkumar,” are in action. with action-packed dialogue like “If someone touches my brother, I am going to kill him.” This scene makes me believe she is going to die. Oh, sorry, I just gave you a spoiler, but it’s not a spoiler. It needs to be a very superhero movie, so it’s not a spoiler. and then one after another action shot, and that dress, or, I say, suit, of our hero looks decent. I need something like Minnal Murli.

Money Shot

Lord Hanuman

Now for me, the money shot of the Hanuman trailer is when we see the appearance of “Lord Hanuman.” That shot is when Lord Hanuman meditates on ice and opens his eyes; that’s the moment I get goosebumps. Some other shots are good too, like our hero screaming “Jai Shree Ram” and that helicopter shot.

New Cinematic Universe in India

Prashant Verma The director of Hanuman plans to create the cinematic universe of Hanuman. We have already seen the first trailer for Hanuman and the second around a year ago, Adhira. Both movies are connected and directed by Prashant Verma. If Hanuman gets success at the box office, we heard something about an Adhira too. Adhira’s power comes from “Indra’s Vajra.” If you know about little mythology, you know about the connection between Indra and Hanuman, and if you don’t, I’ll tell you about it.

When Lord Hanuman was just a child, he saw the sun and tried to swallow it. He thought this was some kind of fruit to stop Lord Hanuman Indra from throwing Vajra at him. As soon as Vajra harmed Child Hanuman, he fell to earth. After this, Indra gives a boon to the hanuman, saying that “Indra’s vajra would no longer hurt the child and that his body would be stronger than the weapon.”

So, the director tried something like that to connect both heroes.

Let’s Talk About Hanuman Story

Before I start, I want to tell you one thing: I won’t watch movies, and I am not a time traveler. I am just telling you what I figured out. If you still don’t want to know about the story, you may leave.

Let’s start with a star. Our hero might find out something bad happening in his village or his forest, and he tries to stop it, but the villains beat him and throw him into the water, and in the water, he gets his power. He comes out alive and figures out his new powers. During that, he does something that triggers villains to attack him. During that attack, his sister, who tried to save him, died, and now he understands that great power comes with great responsibility.

Next, he trains and gets full control of his power, or he is badly injured in that fight and comes back with full power to stop the bad guys. During that, there is the possibility that the first villain is just a sidekick and something more comes to kill him or steal his power. That’s the moment when “Lord Hanuman” comes to rescue him. That’s the basic premise of the story I told you before: I won’t watch a movie.


Hanuman Trailer is not that great like Animal or Fighter, but this trailer is good enough for me to go in the theater and watch the movie First-Day First Show. I was sold on this; I just wanted to see “Lord Hanuman” and our hero’s scream, “Jai Shree Ram.”

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