Invincible Season 2 Episode 4 Review: “Back in Action”

Invincible Season 2 Episode 4 Review: “Back in Action”

Invincible Season 2 Episode 4 Once again, whenever he comes on screen, he will touch his highest point. An Omni Man is back in action once again. In the last episode, we saw the Omni Man, and the moment I showed him, I already knew the next episode was going to go wild.

The first three episodes are good; we all witness the afterlife of Invincible and his mother after the incident and how desperate they are, especially his mother Debbie, who is still depressed and tries so many things to overcome, but again, the random things that happen in the past become like a shadow to her. Whatever you try, you do not overcome your shadow.

Invincible Season 2 Episode 4: “It’s Been a While” gives the answers to so many things with an amazing cliffhanger and amazing fights. We already know how powerful Omni Man and other Viltrumites are, but in this episode, we witness the real power of Viltrumites. How? Let’s discuss what happened in the episode.

What happened in Invincible Season 2, Episode 4?

The episode starts with the backstory of when Omni Man left Earth after defeating Mark and traveling across space with tears in his eyes. Time passes, and Omni Man just keeps going into space without any destination. During his endless journey, he meets with Thraxans. The Omni Man saved them and became the emperor of Thraxan.

Now, we jump into the current time when Mark (Invincible) meets Omni Man. After a while, that scene is the real deal. First, we thought Mark would attack Omni Man. They fight, but they’re HUG, which makes me emotional. and then the conversation starts with the complaints he yells at him, telling him to at least be sorry for what he did on earth, with him or his mother.

The real deal is that we notice changes in Omni Man until he leaves Earth and meets with a Thraxan, saves them, and marries Andressa (a Thraxan). The surprise element is that they also have a child. When this science comes, I think what’s wrong with Omni Man is that he is a real Playboy.

Mark asks him the motive behind why the Omni Man calls him a lie. In the last episode, we already knew the Viltrumites knew about the betrayal of Nolan (Omni Man), so they came to kill him and also killed all planets with his child, so he needed the help of Mark to save the people of Thraxan.

Now comes the action

The Best Fight of Invincible Season 2 Viltrumites and Omni Man, Invincible, before they prepared for the fight with them. Viltrumites attacked them. Omni Man went to fight them, and Mark took his stepmom and brother into some cave.

One of them comes to kill Mark and Andressa. In that scene, we see the power difference between Viltrumite and Invincible. He is able to beat him with just one punch, and he presses it down with one finger. If you see that scene, you feel that power. If Omni Man doesn’t come to save him, he will be beaten out of hell. During that fight, we see a change in Omni Man. He tells Mark why he cares about the weak and why he saves them; he is not supposed to feel that way.

Now, we witness the fight between them one-on-one, and that fight is really good. We witness that those who are invincible just hold back. In that fight, Invincible and Omni Man were heavily injured.

Move to Cliffhanger

Simultaneously, three stories run: first Fight in Thraxan, second in Earth between Eve and Cyborg, and third, most interestingly, Mark’s Mother Moved On. She called Cecil Stedman to cut out all connections between them and move on. She threw away the things that belonged to Nolan. The fight between Eve and the cyborg goes wild, and some people get caught in their fight. Eve manages to take down the cyborg but fails to save people.

Here, in Thraxan, after the fight, Mark wakes up and sees some people take Omni Man away, and the last word of his “Read My Book Mark” and General Kragg, a leader of Viltrumites, come to meet him and tell him Omni Man is going to die as punishment, and he needs to go back to earth and tell earth’s people to surrender or they come to convince them with the killing of a million of them.

On Earth, Debbie (Mark’s mother) throws those books out of the house and even tries to figure out what she wants to do and how she can help people. The scene ends with the book “The Man with the Invincible Gun.”

In two days, First Animal’s Trailer and now Invincible Season 2 both talk about the “Daddy Issue.”

Let’s end this by waiting again next week for the next episode.

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