Weekly News 3: New Superman Casting, Bad News For Invincible Fans

Weekly News 3: New Superman Casting, Bad News For Invincible Fans

Fans of Invincible who are eagerly awaiting episode five will find Weekly News 3 to be a little depressing, but you will all suffer heartbreak. You have no idea what’s wrong with Showrunner or Amazon Prime; they’re both failing us.

Weekly News 3: Invincible Episode 5 won’t air until 2024


You read correctly. After reading this news, I felt a little deceived. I had repeatedly accepted the news in the hopes that it would turn out to be untrue or only a rumor, but regrettably, this is accurate information. Every Invincible piece will continue until 2024. They made a mid-season call. I have no idea what or why they are acting in this way. Although they have previously informed us, this is not the first time I’ve heard of shows acting in this manner. not following Episode 4’s conclusion. It truly is disappointing. Given the significant cliffhanger, I plan to read the comic. I am eager to see what takes place in the upcoming year.

Weekly Rumors: A Few

  • Marvel plans to Civil War 2, and the piles are higher than they were previously. I’m eager to learn at least a little bit about it.
  • Marvel has also announced that Anya Tylor Joy will play the Silver Surfer. That’s correct—a female silver surfer.
  • Sony has announced that they will be filming more scenes for Krevan the Hunter and a cameo appearance in Venom. This film is directly related to Venom 3.

Not very big, but significant news

  • Universe of Karate Kid Ralph Macchio has posted a video on his quest to find Karate Kid, saying that anyone is welcome to join in.
  • Batman Brave and the Bold Writer confirmed John Loagan already wrote movies like Skyfall, specter, gladiator, and The Aviator.
  • Venom Three is officially called Venom 3: The Last Dance, according to a recent Instagram post by Tom Hardy.
  • Up until December 2022, George R. R. Martin’s new book Winds of Winter had reached page 1100; he was stuck on the final page.
  • the most excellent program in recent memory The Monsterverse and Monarch Legacy of Monsters are closely related, and the Godzilla x Kong trailer is still pending.

Weekly News 3: Superman Casting Again

The James Gunn and DC film One by one, he will reveal the Superman Legacy cast after the strike. We learned about the first villain in the previous Weekly News 2, and there’s now a second villain—one who may cause more harm than you might imagine. If you are familiar with this character, you are aware of how frequently he has destroyed the Justice League. Nicholas Hoult will portray “Lex Luthor,” the greatest villain in Superman history. In the X-Men universe, this man played Beast, and he’s going to play a big role again soon, in case you missed it. Eve Teschmacher, played by Sara Sampaio, is Lex Luther’s assistant.

In summary

And with that, some happy and some sad news. This is where Weekly News 3 will conclude. You can read other reviews of movies online. Take a look at “Animal” the biggest trailer this week, and read it.

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