Captain Miller Review: Only Action Too Much Action

Captain Miller Review: Only Action Too Much Action

From the four movies that I saw today, I had high hopes for Hanu Man and Captain Miller, but they really were able to match my hype. The answer is yes. Both movies are amazing. Captain Miller will be reviewed tomorrow, possibly before Hanu Man. It is possible that this film will become my first favorite of 2024, but there are numerous elements that keep me coming back. It’s not like Guntur Kaaram only depends on heroes. The action, performance of Dhanush, and BGM are the plus points of the movie; it’s too good. But this movie is selling itself as an action drama. Action is actually too much, but drama’s subjective.

I love this kind of movie with full-on action like Jhon Wick and last year’s Sisu. But this movie, at some point, failed in too many parts that we will talk about later. But first, if you are a Dhanush fan and you love Asuran, just go and watch now; there is no need to read an entire review. Captain Miller is good enough to consider it a very good movie. If one were to specify which film among these four they prefer most, I would rank this as my second favorite.

Captain Miller Story

The whole story is based in British time, when a British soldier, Captain Miller (Dhanush), becomes a vigilante and tries to save the village. That’s it. There’s really nothing to say about the story or plot. Yes, the story has some moments, like how Captain Miller (Dhanush) not only fights against the British army but also fights with those who oppose him. The whole story is just like this. Similar to Jhon Wick, if you were to recount his story, it would be straightforward: someone had murdered his dog, and he now desired to kill that individual. Nothing more or less, that’s all. Just like that, Captain Miller (Dhanush) also has a simple story, but the action and motivation behind why he wanted to save the village are key parts too.

Action Too Much Action


This movie fills with full-on action almost all the time. Just action. There is a time when this movie takes more time to set up things than just before the interval of brilliant action started, and it’s go-and-go like this. I have a small issue: this movie is almost three hours long, but before the climax, I don’t see any hand-to-hand fights. Captain Miller (Dhanush) always fights with guns, even if the distance between them is 50 meters. Yes, at some point, the action goes out of hand. You know what’s holding back the movie: camera work and too much bombing and gun action.

It’s not like I don’t like this kind of action. I didn’t want him to face the army without a gun or bombs. It’s because he is a solider, so he needs to preserve the bullets for the worst time. That’s my point. That’s the main issue; there’s no limit. There are too many things that might become better, but as I say, camera work is the worst.

Interval Fight is the best segment of this film; while the final fight was good, it pales in comparison to the emotional segment, which is my favorite. Also, the Hindi dub was good, but the song Killer Killer Captain Miller in the Hindi dub. is not good. Now when I write this, I immediately get that the main problem is that I won’t take Captain Miller seriously. I don’t know why, and also, the death impact is not much that grabs my attention, just because at every moment someone died like nothing.

Final Verdict

I am not complaining about anything, but this movie will become my favorite. Also, as I said before, if you are a Dhanush fan, just go and watch. BGM, action, and performance of Dhanush are enough to blow a wishtle. This guy is amazing with his work. Furthermore, if you have not yet viewed the trailer, I strongly urge you to do so immediately and watch the film in its entirety, as it appears that the entire climactic sequence was captured in the trailer.

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