Bramayugam Review: Malayalam-Language Horror Thriller by Mammootty

Bramayugam Review: Malayalam-Language Horror Thriller by Mammootty

I have to give credit to Mammootty for showing me something new like Bramayugam. This is what I call a horror or thriller. This film is completely black-and-white. You might think this will become a minus point, but does the horror work in this movie or not? and so many questions about the Bramayugam. I might not be able to tell you about the story just because the story is the key to the movie. If I tell you some points, you might get an idea of the movie, so I won’t talk about the story. I will tell you the basic premise of the movie. Let’s get started with the basic story of Bramayugam.

Bramayugam Story

First, things tell you that in this movie we see only five characters, and two of them just come for mostly a minute or two. The whole story and movie revolve around only three characters. If you are familiar with Mammootty, you know that he is amazing with his acting and the movies he makes. I don’t watch many of his movies, but I know that he is a master of thriller movies. This might be an unpopular opinion, but this is his top.

There are only three characters: the poet, the cook, and the owner. The story takes place in the 17th century when the poet is lost in the jungle and sees the big old mansion. In that house, the poet meets with the cook and owner. Now, the story starts because they are not ordinary cooks and owners. And if you think that I ruined the story, that’s not true. This is just five minutes of the Bramayugam movie.

Let’s talk good and bad of the movie

Let’s talk about the good and bad in the movie. The first thing is the cinematography; it’s amazing. I don’t know who makes Bramayugam Balck and White. This decision is like a cherry on top. like a full moon night in the middle of nowhere. Why do I tell you this? Because whenever it’s dark, it becomes darker, and when it’s brought to light, this becomes a perfect blend with the background.

Next is Mammootty, alongside Amalda Liz, Arjun Ashokan, and Sidharth Bharathan. They are all too good, specifically Mammootty. This guy is an underrated gem of Indian cinema. The acting and expressions. I feel horror to see him.

It’s horror work. Before anything, I tell you that horror is subjective, just like a comedy; some of it I like, and some of it you like. I tell you one thing: if you are afraid of loneliness, this movie might scare you out. Some moments in Bramayugam scare me out. but the movie is full of surprising moments. So, just like I said, some of the work or some not.

There is nothing I found wrong with the movie.

Final Thoughts on Bramayugam

First, black and white is not a poor point. It’s a plus point, just like I said. In some places, horror works, and at some points, it doesn’t. The cast is too good. Mammootty steals the spotlight. One more thing I need to add is that, unlike other movies, the first half is good and the second is not. This movie has the perfect combination of both. with an amazing, horrifying, and suspenseful first half. and the perfect second half with the answers and the perfect ending.

Note: This movie is only available in Malayalam but with an English subtitle.

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