Hanuman Movie Review: Big Slap on 600 crore Bollywood Movies

Hanuman Movie Review: Big Slap on 600 crore Bollywood Movies

Hanuman deserves more than this: more screens and more people’s awareness. As for my point, a movie’s release date is the biggest reason that holds it back. Four movies in one day with low promotions and without any big faces. It’s going to be like Minnal Murli. I don’t know why, but with visionary directors like Prashanth Varma having big plans and two-day box office collections, it’s too disappointing. Believe me, guys, this movie deserves more than this. On January 17th, on his 5th day, this movie crossed 100 CR; that’s not a good sign. The vision and the movie are too good. Yes, at some point, it felt like a low-budget movie, but it’s far better than Adipurush.

Last year’s disaster and directors like him don’t deserve that kind of attention or income. This movie has already been realized, and people don’t go and watch it, but what I need is that if you ever heard about it, just go and see it on OTT or television, and the next movie might be Adhira. The next installment of PVCU( Prashanth Varma Cinematic Universe) is Hanuman. There is a rumor that there are almost 12 movies planned by Prashanth Varma’s Cinematic Universe. Although this Hanuman movie review may be brief, if you decide to watch the film after reading it, please let me know on any social media platform and leave a comment here.

Hanuman movie story

The story takes place in a small town called Anjanadri. In that town, a young boy named Hanumanthu gets superpowers in the process of saving his love. Those superpowers are super strength, speed, and healing power. On the other side, Michael is obsessed with superheroes; he wants power, just like Superman. To achieve that power, he even killed his mother and father. somehow he knew about Hanumanthu and his powers. Now Michale comes to get that power. That’s it. The story is over.

This story takes a safe route and follows the basic rule of origin. The story doesn’t take a chance on something new or even a villain; Michel doesn’t feel the big threat. But if you wanted to know what was special about Hanuman or even Prashanth Varma’s cinematic universe, if you haven’t watched the movie, I suggest you leave because now we are discussing the future and spoilers. It’s worth your money, and the ending is too good.

Spoiler Alert

Village Chief Gajapathi rules the village and illegally charges tax from the villagers, and if anyone raises a voice against him, he simply kills him by inviting him to play wrestling. Minakshi (a love of Hanumanthu) stands for the villagers to stop her. Gajapathi tries to kill her, and he sends some killers to kill her. During that, Hanumanthu tries to save her, but the killer now tries to kill him and throw him in the lake. During that fight, Minakhi’s necklace somehow binds with Hanumanthu, falls deep into the lake, and drops on some kind of stone that shines. As soon as he touches the stone, he transports it to the land. At that time, some people showed up and took him home.

From the effect of that stone, he gets the power of Lord Hanuman. so he heals fast and gets super strength and speed. Now he tells his friend that he has superpowers, but his friend won’t believe him. To prove him, Hanumanthu goes to stop the train, but he fails, but he won’t die. Now his friends believe in him, and then, in the village, Minaskhi again stands against Gajapathi. Gajapathi insults her, and Hanumanthu gets furious and invites Gajapathi to fight. But there is a catch: there are two conditions for using powers: first, the stone must be near him, and second, after sunset, if a cloud covers the sun and sunlight does not connect with the stone, Hanumanthu won’t be able to use his powers.

PVCU( Prashanth Varma Cinematic Universe)

Prasanth Varma cinematic universe

As we all know, Hanuman is the first installment of PVCU( Prashanth Varma Cinematic Universe), so there is some post-credit scene or big revel in the ending. There is, so start with it. Somehow, Hanumanthu defeated Gajapathi, and then Michel came to Hanumanthu’s village to obtain Hanumanthu’s power. How does he know? I told you about that train incident. Someone shot the video and uploaded it. That’s how he knows now that he wants that power. Now, he grabs Hanumanthu, takes his blood, and discovers that his blood is normal. So definitely, he has some kind of weapon or something that gives him the powers.

Michel has a friend called Siri who makes suits that give him power. After he finds out about the stone, he goes after Hanumanthu and fights him. During that fight, the sun is covered with clouds, so Hanumanthu won’t be able to use his powers, and in that fight, his sister dies. and Hanumanthu throws that stone.

Now, one monk comes and tells Hanumanthu that he is the chosen one to save this village and follow the legacy of Hanuman. Tell the story of that stone if you watch the movie; the story we heard starts in the movie. It’s time when child Hanuman tries to eat the sun, and Lord Indra hits him with Vajra (a weapon). At that time, blood drops into the lake of Anjanadri. Son, the thing is in that stone; there is the blooddrop of Lord Hanuman in that stone.

The End and Future of the Hanuman Movie

The monk who told everything is Vibhishana Rvavan’s brother. Then Hanumanthu tries to find that stone and goes to fight with Michel. After achieving power, Hanumanthu easily defeated him. Siri and Gajapathi helped him. That fight is too good. Unfortunately, in that fight, a stone breaks, and blood drops in the eyes of Hanumanthu. Next, we see that all around the world, monsters, and demons awaken and start gathering in the same place. Also, in deep mountains covered with ice, in the glimpse we see in the trailer, Lord Hanuman opens his eyes and breaks the ice, and at full speed, he flies toward Hanumanthu. When Lord Hanuman comes in front of him, Hanumanthu is surprised, and the movie ends.

There is one more thing we discover during that scene. With the effect of the stone breaking, all demons now try to save the world, and Lord Hanuman gives his oath to Lord Ram that he will save the universe at any cost. that’s it. All the things that happen in the movie—Hanumanthu’s powers and Lord Hanuman’s appearance—are the best parts of the movie, and lastly, we know the sidekick of Hanumanthu Siri might be in the next film when Siri makes his costume. Last year, we saw the next part of this movie, “Jain Hanuman.”

As I thought, there are eight immortals: Ashwatthama, Mahabali, Vyasa, Hanuman, Vibhishana, Kripa, Parashurama, and Markandeya. Of them, we see them in this movie, and the next film is Adhira and Jai Hanuman. Rumors are coming that we will see twelve movie series in this universe. Every immortal or replica like Hanumanthu is the baseline of this universe. The last big villain is Kalki. This is just a theory; just tell me what you’ve thought about it.

Final Verdict

This movie is not too good with VFX or even a story, but the ending fight and Lord Hanuman’s appearance make this movie far better than anyone else. If that scene is not in the movie, maybe this movie is not on my great movie list. At last the big round of applause to Prashanth Varma.

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