Deadpool and Wolverine Teaser Breakdown: Every Detail You Missed

Deadpool and Wolverine Teaser Breakdown: Every Detail You Missed

Finally, after so many years of waiting, the saviors of Marvel, Deadpool, and Wolverine come with an amazing teaser for Super Bowl 2024. The teaser is too good from start to end; it’s filled with details and Easter eggs. After seven years, Deadpool is back with his humor and action, with so many references. In this article, I tried to cover all the details in the teaser for Deadpool and Wolverine.

Multiverse, X men’s appearance, MCU cast, Loki, Mobius, and some other references. Let’s start.

Deadpool and Wolverine Teaser

Deadpool and Wolverine

After the events of Deadpool 2, Wade and Vanessa live a simple life without having any trouble or killing anyone. At the start of the teaser, we see that the family is celebrating Wade’s birthday. Let’s count them as our favorites. Vanessa, Blind Aunt, Colossus, Peter (we see in the last part that Wade saves him with time travel), Shatterstar, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Yuiko, our favorite Dopinder, and the last beard guy from Part 1. One more thing I noticed during that scene is that there is something fishy between Wade and Vanessa; there is some different awkwardness between them. might be because they are not in the relationship anymore. One more weird thing: Wade’s wig looks too weird with a wig.

Now, the best part of Deadpool and Wolverine Teaser is that TVA came to capture Wade. He breaks the fourth wall and pulls the leg of Disney. Also, there is a change in the outfit of TVA soldiers. They look different after Mobius takes charge and changes their outfits. Then we see the same scene where Wade sits against the paradox (just like Mobius and Loki in the first episode). You might wonder who is a paradox, so, basically, he is one of the judges on TVA with Mobius and OB. Also, in comic books, he doesn’t appear much now in Deadpool and Wolverine. He had a major role.

Why did TVA capture Wade?

You might wonder why they captured Wade even after so long. If they captured him for time travel, why now? I might have the answer, but first, go ahead with the teaser. Next, we see that paradox, tell Wade, and show some glimpses of the OG Avengers. Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor Ragnarok, and tell Wade to become the hero of heroes. So, here are the answers: Why did TVA capture Wade? After the events of Loki or maybe Ant-Man, they need some superheroes who travel through time or a multiverse and save all the things that exist in the multiverse, you know, just like in the What If series. During this scene, we notice the new terrace and wall. On that wall, we see the tree from Loki. Also, we see other variants of Deadpool on the screens.

Then Wade accepts the invitation and says, “I am the Jesus of Marvel.” Then we see the suit-up scene; believe me, it’s amazing. Then we see some random shots when, in some casinos, we see Wolverine in his legendary white suit. Now, we see action in the Deadpool and Wolverine teasers. at the same place that we see in Avengers: Age of Ultron, where the Avengers fight with the Hydra in the snow. same place where Wade fights with TVA soldiers. and man, he did it in style; they created the same scene from the Deadpool Bridge fight. Also, we see Pyro and some blond guy, or better yet, a woman. At first, I thought that he was Professor X, but then I read the news that she was Cassandra Nova.

Now come the stars of Deadpool and Wolverine.

Next, we see some fights between Pyaro, Alioth, and Cassandra Nova. The main part that everyone notices is the logo of Fox Studio behind the fight. There are some more details, like how Deadpool developed his healing factor. and his fighting ability is also on some other level. Now, we see one more Easter egg that is thrown on our faces. Deadpool is leaning on the ground, and side of him we see the comic of Issue 5 of Avengers: Secret War.

Then we see the shadow of Wolverine. Deadpool tells him to help, and with a glimpse of his yellow suit, the teaser is over. That is all I notice in the Deadpool and Wolverine teasers. I hope you like it.

One more thing: Marvel hired Sanket Mathre for the Deadpool Hindi voice.

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