Fantastic Four 2025: Cast Announced By Marvel

Fantastic Four 2025: Cast Announced By Marvel

If you have been waiting for so long for the cast announcement of Fantastic Four 2025, the first family of Marvel is finally here. since 2022, when Marvel announced his multiverse saga. Since then, the most hyped movies have been Deadpool 3, Avengers: Kang Dinesty, Avengers: Secret Wars, and The Fantastic Four. All movies can set a new bar on MCUs, just like End Game. It’s a gift from Marvel for Valentine’s Day.

But as fans, we need to wait for years to see all the movies in 2026 or maybe 2027. But now we have a cast of the Fantastic Four, so let’s see who is who. I also share some details about Marvel’s timeline and movies. Without wasting time, let’s jump on the cast.

The Cast of the Fantastic Four

First, the big rock man Ben Grimm (The Thing) is going to be played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach. If you don’t know this guy, just go and watch The Bear 2022, a comedy drama. Next, we have Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch). If you forget this guy, he is in Stranger Things as Eddy. Now, the most-waited-for and beautiful Sue Storm (aka the Invisible Woman), played by my favorite Vanessa Kirby (you see her in the Fast and the Furious series and also in Mission Impossible), And the last star of the evening, “Smartest Man Alive,” Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic), is going to be played by one of my favorite actors, Pedro Pascal. I think this guy doesn’t need any introduction, but if you want to see him, check out Last of Us.

This is the only cast announcement revealed by Marvel. We still don’t know about Villan, or, as I say, Dr. Doom. This is the guy I wanted to see in the MCU. Just because he is crazy, if you want to know more about Dr. Doom, just go on YouTube and search “Dr. Doom explained by DesiNerd.” Or if you want to know more about him, I will write a new article about him. Just tell me.

Multiverse Saga

Along with the casting announcement, Disney rescheduled the release dates of “The Fantastic Four” (now set for July 25, 2025) and “Thunderbolts” (now set for May 2, 2025). “Blade” (November 2025) and “Captain America: Brave New World” (February 2025) are the other two Marvel tentpoles set to premiere that year. A total of four Marvel films, including “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty,” are set to hit theaters in 2026. In contrast, Marvel’s “Deadpool & Wolverine” will be the only Marvel film to hit theaters on July 26, 2024, so this is an improvement.

There are some other movies, but those are the major ones that are waiting for fans.

Final Thought

In my view, this is the perfect cast of Fantastic Four 2025. They are all too good, especially Pedro Pascal, who is my favorite. Still, we need to wait for another announcement of the villain and supporting cast, or even some big cameos. Now, tell me what you have thought about this cast.

Is it perfect or not?

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