Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 17: Sukuna Rocks Yuji Shock

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 17: Sukuna Rocks Yuji Shock

I thought there was no other fight like the fight between Sukuna and Jogo in Episode 16, simply because it was so amazing and Mappa Studio did such a fantastic job. However, the reason for my belief was that I had never read a manga, and after watching Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 17, I felt deeply.

First of all, they’re all idiots and crazy at the same spot in Jujitsu Kaisen. They are nuts, Megumi, Sukuna, Jogo, Gojo, Todo, and Geto, all of whom are simultaneously crazy and amazing. I have the most amazing experience that gives me chills after watching what happens in this episode. You can always count on Mappa Studio to surprise you. I am at a loss for words when it comes to the camerawork, animation, and anime execution of Mappa; they have just finished the Attack on Titan Season 4 Finale.

What Happened in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 17

Megumi loses a lot of blood after being stabbed by Haruta at the beginning of the episode. He devises the plan to call upon Shikigami as Megumi searches for a way to vanquish him. General Mahoraga: “He makes a target, so Shikigami kills the target, and after that, he kills the user.” This kind of ritual condition is what it amounts to. It implies that Shikigami also kills Megumi after killing Haruta.

Here comes “Sukuna,” the Star of the Evening. He steps in and stops Shikigami from harming Haruta. He must kill Shikigami in order to save Megumi, and then Sukuna and General Mahoraga engage in a crazed battle. They don’t, in my opinion, destroy everything Shibuya creates, and yes, we do see the “Domain” of Sukuna. And I can assure you that I have never witnessed a fight quite like this. I’ve seen three fight scenes in 2023 that give me the chills, though there are some really crazy fights.

  1. Zoro (King of Hell) Vs King
  2. Luffy Gear 5 Vs Kaido
  3. Sukuna vs General Mahoraga

Everything in Shibuya is destroyed in the final Yuji witness, and Nanami gets hurt while strolling through the area. Yuji swears to save everyone at the end of the episode.

Ultimately, I believe I have discovered a new wonder of the world.

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