Christmas Gift From Marvel What If Season 2 Trailer Review

Christmas Gift From Marvel What If Season 2 Trailer Review

Thank you, Marvel, for What If Season 2 after Loki Season 2. I don’t know which next movie or series I need to wait for and which is worth watching. The good thing is that you surprised me twice. First with An Echo and Now What If Season 2, they both look great, and the best part is 9 Days, 9 Episodes.

This is the message for Marvel. Now let’s talk about a trailer. It looks amazing and promising, too. Season one is good, but it contains some flaws, like only the last two episodes have an impact on each other and the others are just individual stories.

Before starting, let’s see the episode list for What If…Season 2

List Of Episode and Release Dates

  • What If… Nebula joined Nova Corps? On Dec 22
  • What If… Peter Quill Attacked Earth’s Mightiest Heros? On Dec 23
  • What If… happy Hogan Saved Christmas? On Dec 24
  • What If… Iron Man crashed into the Grandmaster? On Dec 25
  • What If… Captain Carter fought the Hydra Stomper? On Dec 26
  • What If… The Avengers Assembled in 1602? On Dec 27
  • What If… Hela Found The Ten Rings? On Dec 28
  • What If… Kahhori reshaped the world? On Dec 29
  • What If… Strange Supreme intervened? On Dec 30

What If… Season 2 Polt

Let’s talk about a plot. What we see in the first nine days of the first episode is that Nebula joined Nova Corps and Yundu. In the second episode, Yondu never kidnaps Peter (Star-Lord), so after his mother detaches him, he awakens his power and fights with an eagle’s heroes. The third episode might be just a fan service Happy Hogan Saves Christmas. The fourth episode might get crazy with his story. The Iranian man is one who meets Grandmaster, not Hulk, and some chasing and fun sequences we saw in the trailer

Fifth Episode: Cpatin Carter Fights with a Hydra Stomper This is getting interesting after the sixth episode, where we witness a new storyline: all of our Avengers were assembled in 1602 when Captain America fought with the sword. It sounds good. Seventh is a big episode for me because Hela knows about The Ten Rings, and she comes, and dystopian everything. We also see an odin in the trailer. Kahhori, this is something new to me. Eight episodes are a mystery to me.

The last and ninth episodes of Supreme Stange come again and assail all superheroes for a multiverse thread, just like in What If Season 1.

In this, I tell you one thing: I am waiting for this show, and it’s made my Christmas week for sure.

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