Kantara A Legend Chapter 1 First Look Terser Review: It’s Sequel or Prequel

Kantara A Legend Chapter 1 First Look Terser Review: It’s Sequel or Prequel

Kantara: A Legend, Chapter 1 If you have already watched Kantara, you know how good the movie is, and the story is already complete, so why Chapter 1? Kantara is that movie that takes a special place in my heart because of the amazing and grounded storytelling, writing, direction, and, plus point, Rishabh Shetty, who is the director, actor, and writer.

Just like Knatara, this movie is also directed and written by Rishabh Shetty, who is also an actor. He was something else when I watched the first movie in the theater. Usually, I am more the type of guy who screams at the amazing scene and talks too much during the movie, but Kantara is something else. This movie made me silent from the start.

I am not able to speak a single word; it’s like I am in the temple or something. I feel great calmness in my mind. Just like Kantara: A Legend, Chapter 1: First Look Terser feels like this again.

Kantara: A Legend Chapter 1 First Look Teaser Review

With an amazing skill of direction and acting, Rishabh Shetty came back with an amazing Terser, and this Terser was able to feel me again, just like I told you before. One thing I forgot to mention is background music, and that Scream both are like, I don’t have a word to describe.

Terser starts with Rishabh Shetty, who is in the forest and standing in the circle, and we hear the sound of God saying, “Light! In light, everything is visible, but this is not just light; it’s a vision. The light that illuminates the past and future is visible.” Yes, the same scene from Kantara.

There is not much information on Terser, but there are two texts. The first is “During the Region of Kadambas,” and the second is “The Legend is Born.” Both cards are something that says so much about this movie. First, I’ll tell you about a legend about a god. Pnajuril, a story about this god, is from once upon a time in the garden of Lord Shiva and Paravati, one child of Varaha (the Wild Boar). I ran into the garden and destroyed everything. Parvati is actually raising him, and when he becomes big again, he destroys everything. Lord Shiva gets furious and sends him to Earth to protect people.

Terser’s Highlight

After the all-card, we saw a cave. In that cave, one man stood with a torch in his hand and was soaking full of blood. At first, when I saw that scene, it reminded me of “Dev.” in Brahmāstra: Part One: Shiva, but the perfect Indian body was just like a traditional wrestler, and when Camara moved on the face, it was scary. For me.

Rishabh Shetty

The first card, “During the Region of Kadambas,” represents the what’s the era of Kantara. Kadambas are an ancient family in Karnataka, India. The era of Kadambas is 345–540 CE. Let’s see what kind of history we see in that movie.

One thing mentioned is that this movie falls under “Hombale Films.” If you aren’t able to recognize this studio by name, I will tell you the movie’s names: “KGF,” “KGF Chapter 2,” “Salar,” and “Kantara.” Now you know how good that production house is.

Final Thought

It’s still too early to talk about this movie because the First Look Launch movie shooting has just started, so it’s still a long wait for us to get the next update about Kantara: A Legend Chapter 1. I’m just writing this article because the first movie was really amazing; it’s amazing, and by just looking at the hype, it was real.

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