One Piece Episode 1085 Review: Wano Arc is over Let’s go For a New Journey

One Piece Episode 1085 Review: Wano Arc is over Let’s go For a New Journey

After five and a half years, the One Piece Episode 1085 Wano arc is finally finished. Indeed, the Wano arc begins with Episode 892 in July 2019 and concludes with Episode 1085 on November 25, 2023. One of the most-watched anime series in the last five years is One Piece, which features one of its most popular arcs. I promise you, watching 193 episodes is an emotional rollercoaster. This arc evokes feelings of curliness, happiness, sadness, hope, and anger among many other emotions.

The “Marineford Arc” and “The Wano Arc” are my top two One Piece storylines, if someone were to ask. Yes, I would say that this is my second favorite One Piece arc. Numerous characters, a formidable antagonist, depressing pasts, and, finally, one of the most incredible “Haki Clashes” between Captain Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard

This arc was the best in the entire anime universe because it included fights, animation, emotions, and the hope of being released from hell. The best animation and viral moments were all seen by us. I’m actually relieved that I started watching One Piece before Gear 5 or Episode 1071. Episode 1085 of One Piece reminds us of what Luffy and his friends do for Wano and how they put an end to his 20 years of suffering.

That is incredible. On One Piece, you get all the attention, “Toei Animation Co., Ltd.” The anime released this year is exceptional. As usual, “Oda” performed admirably.

One Piece Episode 1085

Let’s talk about One Piece Episode 1085

This episode has the feel of a farewell between Momonosuke and Luffy. Luffy is waiting for Momonosuke while Law, Kid, and Luffy are in port to live in Wano. When Momo arrives, we witness a brief emotional exchange between them. Momo brings back all the memories we have of the past, including his encounter with Luffy and the time he transforms into a badass and calls Kaido by name. “My name is Kozuki Momonosuke,” he declares. I can still feel the chills from that scene.

Finally, we are able to witness that Momonosuke is still eight years old in One Piece Episode 1085; he desires to permanently stop Luffy in Wano. Luffy responded by telling Momonosuke that he thought of him as a baby and a little brother. I’m reminded of Ace and Luffy by that scene.

After saying, “If anyone comes to fight, you show him this Jolly Roger,” Luffy hands Momonosuke a Mugiwara (straw hat) Jolly Roger and bids him farewell in a tearful manner. Luffy set sail.

What’s after Wano

Some of you believed that One Piece would decline or take a backseat until things picked up again as usual following One Piece Episode 1085, the conclusion of Wano’s arc, but you were mistaken following One Piece Manga Chapter 1057. The final section of Wano Arc.

Not everything is as it was. The entire world is getting ready for combat. I offer you some guidance without giving anything away. Fans of One Piece will have their minds blown away by the “egghead arc.” This arc has the potential to recreate 2024 in the same way that it did 2023.

Everything is disorganized. I’ll say it briefly because if I go into more detail, it might be a spoiler. The entire world is in disarray. Set pieces of something bigger are Blackbeard, Sabo, Revolutionary Army, Five Elders, Shanks, Grap, and my personal favorite, Kuma. You are aware of how dire things are in the world at the moment if you have read the manga. The entire One Piece universe is in disarray.

Final Verdict

With so many amazing aspects, the Wano arc has emerged as the anime fandom’s favorite arc worldwide. However, the Wano One Piece universe features an abundance of truly incredible fights. Just wait for the next arc; it’s much more amazing, even if you say the Wano arc is your favorite.

Not merely breathtaking Like the Attack on Titan Season 4 Finale, things will blow your mind and things will be chaotic.

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