Madame Web Movie Review: Spider-Man is the Joke for You, Sony? 

Madame Web Movie Review: Spider-Man is the Joke for You, Sony? 

Before starting the review of the Madame Web movie, I tell you one thing: if you make a plan to watch this movie, just forget it and drop it. It’s not a movie. It’s a joke by Sony about Spider-Man. They ruin the impact of my favorite superhero. Please, Sony, I have one request: just stop. Stop making this kind of sh*t, or, if you wanted to make things better, at least cast some decent actors who know about acting, just like Tom Hardy.

Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson are well-known and good, but not in this kind of movie. I don’t want to say bad things about those two, but, if you watch Madame Web and love Spider-Man, you are going to agree with me. Sony, Director S.J. Clarkson, Writer of Morbius, and Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson are the best combinations that set the lowest bar for the movie. After this, no matter what kind of movie I watch, everything is going to be better than this.

Madame Web Movie Story

On November 16, 2023, when I saw the Madame Web trailer, I knew that this was going to be bad for Morbius, but after watching the movie, I have respect for Morbius. I wrote an article about it and predicted the story you don’t believe. I just missed the two points about the motivation of Ezekiel (a villain) and Bron of Peter Parker. Let’s see about the Madame Web movie story.

I tell you the whole story; just forget about the spoilers. There is nothing that exists just because, if you see the trailer, you know the whole story already. Credit goes to Sony. The whole thing revolves around Cassandra Web (Madame Web), played by Dakota Johnson. At the start of the movie, we see the story of her mother in 1973, in which she is researching spiders in a jungle. There, Ezekiel killed her, but the tribes of the jungle saved her and gave birth to the child. That child is Cassandra Web. Now, in 2003, yes, Madame Web Movie fell in 2003. She works on a rescue team with Ben Parker. During that, she had an accident and saw some glimpses of the future.

Now, she needs to save three girls from Ezekiel. that’s it. I don’t want to remember more.

How It’s Connected with Spider-Man

As I told you, Cassandra Web works with Ben Parker. So, during the process of saving those girls and discovering her past, she leaves them at Parker’s house and goes to learn about her past. Ezekiel finds them, and at the same time, Peter’s mother is pregnant. Those three girls need to save the child and ourselves.

Just think about it. Doesn’t it sound good? But no, it’s worse. Madame Web Movie is the perfect example of the worst cinematography. That’s it; there is no other connection between them.

Final Thoughts

This movie is not for anyone; no one in the world has ever liked it. I give you one more example. In 1973, Ezekiel got his powers from a spider. He had some strange dreams that three girls were the reason for his death. Now he needs to kill them before time runs out. So, he uses some technology that recreates the faces of those three girls. Just think about it: in 2003, Peter Parker struggled to earn.

Madame Web Movie is worse than Morbius, that is my final thought.

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