Boruto Chapter 6 Breakdown: The Reason Why Claw Grims Make

Boruto Chapter 6 Breakdown: The Reason Why Claw Grims Make

Boruto Chapter 5 tells us about Claw Grims. Boruto Chapter 6 tells us about how they become like this reason behind the creation of Claw Grims. In the last chapter, we all see Sasuke and Claw Grims, but they don’t talk about how they create. Boruto Chapter 6 doesn’t tell about the full details, but they tease and leave the question of why Claw Grims is made. Now, it’s time to discover the question behind it.

It’s more of a theory that might be true or might be wrong. The first thing is to let us know what happens in Boruto Chapter 6. But I wanted to tell you: please do something for anime too. Although I do enjoy reading manga, the truth is that I am more enthusiastic about watching anime. Really, if all things that happen in Boruto Two Blue Vortex get animated, this will blast the internet. Rasengan uzuhiko, Koji’s appearance, Sasuke’s conversion to Claw Grim, and lastly, Boruto becoming stronger than Code.

What Happen in Boruto Chapter 6

Eight Hokage Shikamaru

Boruto Chapter 6 starts with Shikamaru talking with the elder about Boruto. At that moment, we discover that Shikamaru has never officially taken charge as the Eight Hokage. Yes, three years before Naturo Uzumaki died (as a konoha or the world, but he is in a dimension created by Kawaki), Shikamaru was announced as the Eight Hokage, but he eventually refused to formally accept as the Eight Hokage. So he is just following the order to save Konoha. Next, Shikamaru wants some kind of data, and Ino comes to give it. Soon she leaves with sensory powers and asks him why he ordered some logs of a mission that happened long ago.

Now, she wanted to know what it was about and why Shikamaru wanted this information. Now, Shikamaru told Ino that she would be on a private line, so no one in sensory, Eida, or others. Next, Edia tells Kawaki about Claw Grims, and they are after Naruto Uzumaki, Otsusuki like Kawaki, and Boruto. and there Daemon tells Kawaki that if Claw Grims comes for Naruto Uzumaki, his secret that Naruto is still alive, that might cause the problem. After that, Kawaki went out of the room, and there was Mitsuki waiting for him. Kawaki told him to go away. Mitsuki tells him that Edia and Kawaki’s protection is his duty, and if he wants to be free, you need to ask Lord Eight.

The mystery behind Claw Grim

In Boruto Chapter 6, we see the sweet moment when, at the last chapter’s end, Sharda jumps and hugs Boruto. Now, she was a bit embarrassed at that moment, and Sharda, Boruto, and Sumire started to talk about Claw Grims. I tell you that, but first, we need to talk about how much we know about them. Let’s start with Boruto Chapter Four, when Code runs away from Boruto and goes to take power from Ten-Tails, and Boruto chases him down. Soon he catches Code Four mystories. Characters appear from nowhere. and Boruto tries to fight them, but they are powerful enough to overpower him. The first thing we knew about them was that they were even more powerful than the current Boruto. So Boruto runs away.

Next, in Boruto Chapter 5, we learned about who they are and their real identities. You can learn from my article in Chapter 5. In Boruto Chapter 6, we got a glimpse of how they made. Boruto told Sharda about Sasuke and how he sacrificed himself to save Boruto and convert him into a tree. Before that, he said that he didn’t have time because the sensory unit couldn’t track him, but Kawaki did. He said that originally, Divine Tree’s goal was to devour chakra and Otsusuki. but somehow Code’s Krama is the reason to create Claw Grims. Code’s white karma. At another place, Kawaki detects him and tells Mitsuki, and he tells Shikamaru to locate him, and he makes Kawaki unconscious and goes to kill Boruto.

Shikamaru knows the truth.

Now, Shikamaru connects with Boruto and tells him that he knows about Boruto Uzumaki. He just knew before an Amado. that his memory was altered, and somehow he knows that Naruto is still alive. Also, he is not Hokage; he is Intream Hokage, and Mitsuki is coming to kill you. Now, Mitsuki has caught Boruto. Boruto ran away and avoided fighting with him. Also, he connects with Shikamaru through Ino’s Privet Line. He needs to run away; the range of the connection is almost 100 kilometers. With the help of the snake, Mitsuki tracks him. This is the end of Boruto, Chapter 6.

Now, I wanted to make some theories, so wait for the next article about Claw Grims.

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