Boruto Manga Review: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 is on Fire

Boruto Manga Review: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 is on Fire

The Boruto anime is awful. Fans of Naruto have to desire something more than just Naruto. Both the manga and anime for Naruto don’t emphasize friendship or dreams. Before anything begins, Boruto Manga delves deeply before Kaguya. The 84-chapter Boruto manga is what fans of Naruto are hoping for.

 Boruto Manga: Two Blue Vortexes Things get wild in Chapter 4, and we have some answers for any queries. Concerns such as Where is Sasuke? To what extent did Boruto gain power? Who was Boruto, anyway? One may wonder, “Who are those new villains?” one might wonder. and I’m not going to tell you the answer to the most intriguing question right now.

Let’s Talk About Boruto Manga: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4

Section Four Beginning the chapter with Boruto still in Konoha, he searches for Ten-Tails and Code. He gets them with Tode’s assistance. Yes, Tode does surprise us once more with Flying Raijin. Titsu Yes, this is only the beginning Kawaki tries to speak with Boruto, but he simply disappears.

The benefit is that Boturo gains strength. The previous chapter demonstrated how easily he defeats Code. Finally, to summarize Rasengan Uzuhiko, Fyling Raijin, and other contents in Timeskip, let’s move on to the narrative. Just as Boruto makes his appearance, a ten-tail appears, then vanishes and some new bad guys appear. Bruto addressed him as “Bug,” indicating that he knew him somewhat. Gradually, the four of them gathered and launched an attack on Boruto. With Code’s assistance, Boruto attempted to stop him one by one, but Code fled, leaving Boruto somewhat helpless and possibly even the team leader.

The four of them are formed from a chakra from the Divine Tree, which exists to absorb chakra from all life on a planet, both live and dead. They resemble ten tails with self-awareness. every chakra amassed by those in the past and present who grow into trees.

Two Blue Vortex is the best part of Boruto Manga. In Chapter 4, after Boruto manages to escape, Kashin Koji shows up and tells him to stop worrying because everything will disappear if something happens to him. Sasuke is also seen to have changed into a tree. Now the chapter is over.


This chapter closes so many questions and opens so many questions. If you are a Naruto fan, you need to check out Bruto Manga, not anime.

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