Boruto Chapter 5: Two Blue Vortex Explain What Happened With Sasuke

Boruto Chapter 5: Two Blue Vortex Explain What Happened With Sasuke

Yes, Boruto Chapter 5 gives us an answer to what happened with Sasuke, but how Koji Kashin and Boturo connected is still a mystery. That’s not a big issue, but what happened in Chapter 5 revealed something big: come to Konoha. If this is the plan, we will see some major fights and deaths in the upcoming chapters. I am not that good at making theories. Tell me in the comments if you have any theories.

I wanted to say one thing about Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapters get anime; the anime will break all the records. Boruto Two Blue Vortex is already on the list of top-selling manga in 2023. Masashi Kishimoto and Ukyo Kodachi are doing a great job after the time skip. We slowly discovered what happened with Sasuke. Koji Kashin and the Boruto Connection—who are those guys from Chapter 4?

From so many questions in Boruto Chapter 5, we get some answers. Let’s start with the first answer.

Boruto Chapter 5 tells us about Sasuke

So, in the last Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4, in the end, we see Sasuke turned into a tree and having a conversation with Koji and Boruto. This chapter starts at Time Skip when Boruto and Saskue leave the village and train to become strong enough to defeat Otsutsuki and the divine tree. Sasuke told Boruto that I taught you all the moves I knew, but that doesn’t mean your training is over. With that, Sasuke tells Boruto that it is quickly learned, and your eyes remind me of Naruto. You are just like him. and now I understand why Sarada wants to save you.

After this, Sasuke and Boruto travel somewhere, but a code appears from claw marks to take revenge on Sasuke, who gave him the scar on his eyes. Sauke tells Boruto to run away, and Sasuke alone tries to stop Grime and Code; in the end, he turns into a tree as we see in Boruto Chapter 4.

Who are those guys in Chapter 4

Claw Grims

After that, we see Konoha Moegi also turn into a tree. If you don’t know about Moegi, she is the leader of Team 10 and has members of Inojin Yamanaka, Shikadai Nara, and Chōchō Akimichi. Moegi converts into Claw Grime. Claw Grimes is one of the four guys we see in the last chapter. They are Some of the Grimes were able to evolve. taking on the characteristics and skills of those who had been transformed into trees after eating a sufficient amount of chakra.

Meogi talks with the other three and says she feels the pain of Ino-Shika-Chō and Konohamaru. As per the conversation they almost had in Half Time in Boruto Chapter 5, we understand that they are one unit, but Meogi has feelings. they all have different people, and all of them want to devour someone. To select people to devour, they follow their instincts. and Meogi chooses Konohamru; the leader wants to devour Boruto; and Kawaki has the desire to devour Naruto Uzumaki.

Is Sasuke Become Claw Grim?

Yes, next we see a Sasuke version of Claw Grim, and he chooses Sarada to devour; it means Sasuke’s characteristics, or, I say, he has become one of them. They have the mission of devouring strong people for the full reconstruction of the divine tree, so Meogi chooses Konohamnru, Sasuke chooses Sarada, that long-bread guy chooses Eida, and the last leader chooses Kawaki and Boruto.

During that conversation, Eida heard everything, and one of them, a long-bread guy, communicated with her and told him he was going to devour him. Eida is scared. Next, we see Amado and Sumire talking about Kawaki and Boruto. Amado thinks that his memory is altered by someone, and he wants Boturo alive to relive his daughter. This is all the conversion heard by Shikamaru and Sai.

In the end, we see Sarada and Sumire talking about Amado. Boruto comes, Sarada hugs him, and Boruto says, “Sorry, I’m home now.” With this line, Boruto Chapter 5 ends. and this article too.

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