The Railwayman Series Review (A Emotional Rollercoaster)

The Railwayman Series Review (A Emotional Rollercoaster)

Review of The Railwayman Series Initially I’m going to mention this movie. I adore how they’ve made this. Significantly tragic incident in India’s Bhopal. Just consider this: 15K fatalities in one evening. While I slept, a few of them died. A major and terrible event. Even just hearing about it makes us feel sad. Imagine a time when India’s transportation and connectivity were poor and things weren’t progressing.

Some tried to survive at that time, in a time of darkness and hopelessness. The Railwayman recounts the tale of surviving the 1984 Bhopal gas leak incident. It seems like an incredible story because of the outstanding acting of Babil Khan, Divyenndu, R Madhavan, and K K Menon. Yash Raj Films’ first web series is this one.

Let’s Talk About the Story of The Railwayman

The narrative is set in Bhopal in 1984, the year of the catastrophic methyl isocyanate gas leak. The narrative is a dramatic presentation of a true story. In this series, K. K. Menon, R. Madhavan, BiBil Khan, and Divyenndu must save hundreds of lives in Bhopal, Tennessee, and survival is the main theme. The story includes details about how they succeeded, the extent of the gas leak, and the severity of the situation.

There are some graphic scenes and foul language in this series, so it’s not appropriate for young viewers. Please avoid watching this 16+ film with small children. With just 4 episodes, this web series is akin to a mini-series. Each episode lasts for one hour, so you could watch them all at once in one sitting.


One of Yash Raj Films’ and Netfilex’s most underappreciated web series I promise you that this series is worth watching because of the significant events that are captured in just four hours. Sadness and a great deal of emotion are palpable. You can feel the intensity of this. Except for Sunny Hinduja (Sandeep Bhaiya) and Juhi Chawla, each actor performed admirably. They are all simply flawless.

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