Fighter Trailer Breakdown: Extreme Patriotism But It’s Enough?

Fighter Trailer Breakdown: Extreme Patriotism But It’s Enough?

While watching a fighter trailer, I felt as if I were listening to the freedom speech of 1947. I was so patriotic that I forgot that this was a trailer. Yes, from the start, it gives off good vibes, but in the end, again, there is that much patriotism. They still use the formula from the 1990s. The fighter trailer is not bad. But, to my point, they made it more dramatic. It’s not to my taste. The trailer is so good that it tells us the whole story. I need to do a breakdown of the trailer; that’s why so many times I see the trailer frame by frame. The first thing that popped up in my mind was that they told us everything starts, intervals, and ends.

The fighter trailer is divided into three parts. It felt like three minutes were sufficient to watch the entire film after viewing even a single segment. Some things might give us goosebumps in theaters, but now we see them in the trailer, so that ruins my experience. The teaser for Fighter is too good with action and drama, but not this. It’s too dramatic and shows extreme patriotism. Yes, we all see movies like Lakshya, Border, and Shershaah as the perfect mix of everything.

Fighter Trailer Breakdown

This breakdown might give you spoilers, but believe me, I don’t watch the Fighter movie; it’s just theory or speculation. The Fighter Trailer starts with an introduction of the team called Quick Response Team, which gathers the best air soldiers in India. We know the skill levels and rank them, like Anil Kapoor, is Squad Leader, Hrithik Roshan is the best among them with full confidence, Deepika Padukone is a helicopter pilot, Karan Singh Grover is also a jet pilot, some others are in the team, and others are responsible for maintenance and other engineering things like taking care of a jet or helicopter. In between, we see the love between Hrithik and Deepika. That’s the first part of the trailer.

Next, we see the Pulwama attack, in which almost 40 soldiers died. If you think this movie was inspired by a real-life story like Uri, the answer is no. They just refer to that incident. This movie is a completely different story than in real life. After that attack, they decided to strike back by air. So, the Quick Response Team attacked Pakistan. They successfully strike and get back with zero causality. Now this Fighter trailer will turn dark mode.

Best Part

Rishabh Sawhney

In the third part of Fighter Trailer, Pakistan decides to strike back, and they attack the base of a quick response team. There is a chance that in that strike, some characters die, and now it’s become personal for Hirithk’s character. Also, we see the main villain of the movie, played by Rishabh Sawhney, and this guy looks scary. The whole third part is go-on action, not just hand-to-hand but air action too. If you watched the trailer, there might be a chance that you might think that the movie is inspired by Top Gun: Maverick, the same kind of action without Tom Cruise. There is a chance, but there’s no official confirmation that this movie is a remake of or inspired by Top Gun. but definitely, they take references from that movie.

The best part of this trailer is the air action. Yes, there are some points when they dodge the missile or some other parts, but overall, it’s good, not like Top Gun because of the budget. After watching the Fighter Trailer, I discovered that this movie is just $250 million and Top Gun made $15 million. Considering this, I don’t have any complaints. The aerial fight, recuse scene, and last jump scene from car to helicopter are all too good.

Final Verdict

This trailer is good, but I prefer the teaser because it reveals too much of the plot; the story is resolved at this point, so why should we watch a movie when there is more to discover? I tell you why, just because of patriotism, no, I still have hope that this movie delivered something unique in Indian cinema and that it’ll be released on January 25, 2024. The perfect time for realizing a movie like this. Also, villain Rishabh Sawhney looks good against Hrithik Roshan. The trailer is good; just hope for the movie.

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