What If Season 2 Episode 7 Breakdown: Marvel Surprised Me With This

What If Season 2 Episode 7 Breakdown: Marvel Surprised Me With This

Now, I say that after What If Season 2 Episode 7, this season is better than the first, and this episode is the reason for that. Marvel gives a real surprise after a long time. I just say this is Marvel. If you read my last six breakdowns or reviews of What If Season 2, you know I just love this show after Loki. I have only complained about What If Season 2, Episode 6. Besides that episode, this is the second-best Marvel series in 2023. First is our favorite Loki.

What If Season 2, Episode 7, explores the story that I wanted to know and also the character that I wanted to see in a serious fight. I break the suspense in the whole episode of Hela’s story, and I want to see the fight between Hela and Oden. We always hear about how powerful Oden is, but we never get to see him in real fights. Yes, we know he is powerful, but still, in the whole MCU, it’s never happened that Oden participated in the fight.

I just wanted to thank Marvel for doing this. To make my dream come true. Hela’s character development is amazing; it’s a real deal. In the last episode, I had a complaint that in 28 minutes, you weren’t able to see much. But in What If Season 2, Episode 7, I just say how many things you present. The history of Hela, the story of Xu Wenwu (Shang Chi’s father), and the best part of the charter development of Hela.

What If Season 2 Episode 7 Breakdown

The episode starts with the story of Asgard and Hela. How Hela and Oden fought to make peace in the Nine Realms And after that, Hela wished to conquer the whole cosmos, and Oden gave her a lifetime prison. But in this universe, Hela wants to be rich and sit on the throne. So, Oden just takes her power and sends her to Midgard. With this, I knew that, just like Thor has Mjölnir. Hela has her helmet, and for Mjölnir, the whole power is in the helmet. Oden destroys the Mjölnir just like Hela did in Thor Ragnarok. And just like in the first part of Thor, Odin says to her helmet, “Whoever wears this crown, should she know mercy, shall possess the power of Hela.” It feels nostalgic. What if Season 2, Episode 7, recreates that scene again?

Now, on Earth, Xu Wenwu (Shang Chi’s father) finds the helmet and Hela. Hela tried to pick up Helmet, but she failed and screamed just like Thor did. Then Xu Wenwu binds her and takes her to his kingdom. During that fight, we knew that even though she didn’t have the powers or even bleed, she was a good fighter. Just like we see in Shang Chi, Shang Chi’s mother beat him in the fight, and they both fall in love. Now, he is in love with Hela. He offers Hela to become a partner in a fight and save the world, and after that, he even tries to kiss her. But Hela manages to run away and meet the mythical creature, Morris.

Hela’s Character Development

Marvel Hela's New Look

Now, Morris shows her path to Ta Lo, where Jiang Li (Shang Chi’s mother) levels the place that protects Earth from outside threats. Hela was able to get there thanks to Morris’ assistance. And then Hela wants to learn martial arts, and Jiang Li helps her do that. During that, if you remember the scene of Shag Chi when they threw the air, pushed back opponents, and also flew some soil or flowers around them, besides the flower, Hela wants to throw a fire knife with it. Here, Hela learns his purpose in life and needs to make decisions all by herself. In What If Season 2, Episode 7, we discover, just like Hela, why she became like this. and Oden is the worst father in the MCU

Now, in Ta Lo Hela Learn to be calm and help others. In Asgard, Heimdal lost Hela and told Oden about the ten rings. So, Oden decides to see and go to Earth. Here, in Ta Lo, Hela sees that her father came to Earth. and decide to fight him. But Jiang Li tells her if she goes, she won’t come for her help. Now, we see Xu Wenwu is already fighting with Oden’s army in between Hela comes and fights. That fight gives me chills just because we see for the first time how powerful Oden is, and the pair of Heal and Xu Wenwu become unstoppable, even though Oden has a hard time dealing with them. During that fight, Hela saved Xu Wenwu’s life. and in his power again. Just like Thor.

Now, she gets her powers back with White Suite. I just love to see her like this. Also, Oden defended himself, and Hela and Xu Wenwu decided to make peace in the world. Now, they travel over space and earth and save people. During that, they go to a time when Thanos destroyed Vormir, the planet of Gamora. Remember that scene when Thanos gives the spear to Little Gamora? At that moment, Hela and the team of Xu Wenwu came and attacked Thanos.

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