What If Season 2 Episode 8 Breakdown: Captain Carter and Dr. Strange Meet Again

What If Season 2 Episode 8 Breakdown: Captain Carter and Dr. Strange Meet Again

What If Season 2, Episode 8, The Avengers Assembled in 1602? As I told you in my last article, I have only complained about the sixth episode. But now I have to complain about this episode too. Why is this episode too short? I need more action or a story like this. Also, I love those assembled scenes of Avengers or when Avengers fight with each other; that’s amazing.

This episode is simply too good, but episode 7 is my absolute favorite. Hela’s character development is amazing. In this episode, we learned the answer to how a good team becomes Captain Carter and Steve Rogers. What If Season 2 Episode 8 has fights, emotions, and some crazy and funny sequences. This episode takes place in 1602. In ancient times, Avengers fought with each other. There are so many references to previous episodes, like Episode 3 and Episode 5, that I might be mistaken.

What If Season 2 Episode 8: The Avengers Assembled in 1602?

The episode starts in 1602, when Loki is doing some kind of drama, Hela is the queen of that place, and Thor is the right-hand man of Hela. During that, some kind of green portal opens and starts bringing people to itself. So, everyone ran, Loki caught him, and Captain Carter saved him. Another portal opens behind Hela. Captain Carter tries to save her, but she fails, and Hela swallows that portal. After that, everyone made Thor the king, and we discovered that this Captain Carter is the same we see in What If Season 2 Episode 5. Remember when, in Episode 5, the Scarlet Witch somehow opened the portal and grabbed Captain Carter in her universe? That means the Scarlet Witch summoned Captain Carter to save this planet or universe.

But after Hela is gone, Thor becomes furious and tells the soldier to catch her and put her in the cell. Captain Carter somehow manages to escape but sucks in this universe. During that, The Watcher starts to narrate and tell us the situation. I wanted to tell you this: In What If Season 2 Episode 8, we discover that even after the events of Season 1, Evan Captain Carter can hear Watcher.

She told him that she was able to listen to him not every time, but sometimes, and during that conversation, we knew what was happening with this universe. The thing is, this universe is going to be destroyed, and Watcher tells her that she won’t belong here, and he wants to help her go to his universe. But our Great Catian Carter says no to him and also tells us the situation: somehow 1602 and the 21st century stick like gum, so she wants to find a way to unstick both universes. How?

How Are Avenegrs Stuck in 1602?

next, In the scene in the room, we see a conversation between Thor, Scarlet Witch, Nick Fury, and Happy Hogan. Nick Fury tells everyone that Crack or Portal started to grow in strength and number across the globe, and Nebula’s Observatory, the Isle of Ego, and Groot Groves (the Finest Wine Shop) are all already gone. Thor says that’s all because of Carter. But the Scarlet Witch says that Carter is not a problem; she is the key to our survival.

There is someone more like the Lost Time Traveler because this is all they call a forerunner. Carter listens to all, and now if she wants to save the universe, she needs to find that forerunner. Next, she goes and meets Stark and tells him everything. Now, Carter tells Tony to make a device that can find that forerunner. For that, they need a big power source or something like an arc reactor.

In 1602, An Arc Recator was impossible, so they wanted his king’s scepter (just like Loki has in The Avengers 2012). The scepter belongs to Hela, but Hela is gone so that scepter is now with Thor. So, they need to steal it from Thor. That’s why they want the help of Roger Hood, with a clear reference to Red Riding Hood, Bucky, and Scoott. They were a robbery team in 1602. They rob Loki, and Carter comes to visit them. That time, Carter tells Roger everything. They are talking in a hideout where the arm of the Yellow Jacket attacks them. and the leader of that army is Happy. I noticed one thing in this universe: there are no villains. First Hela, Yellow Jacket; we heard about Ego; and I also noticed Red Skull during the last fight; he is on the team of Thor.

In What If Season 2, Episode 8, We See a Sacrifice

During that conversation, we discover that in this universe, Carter is dead, and Roger asks her about her universe. Carter refused to tell him. Then Happy attacked them with the army of yellow jackets, and then we discovered that everyone has powers. If you know about Happy becoming Hulk in What If Season 2 Episode 8, he is the same Happy. During that fight, we see Happy Have Destroyer. A protector we see in Thor’s first movie—remember when Loki sent the Destroyer to kill Thor? Then Carter learns that they won’t be able to win against them, so she tells Roger and the team to run away. Carter surrenders and Happy takes her to prison.

At that prison, Wather comes to explain to Carter that this is all going to be worthless and that he can send her to his timeline. Carter denied it and asked if he could help, but the watcher said he wouldn’t be able to see in the future because this universe was going to die.

Now comes the best part of What If Season 2, Episode 8

I don’t expect to see Hulk in What If Season 2 Episode 8. Catrer breaks the cell and runs away with Banner/Hulk. Simply put, it’s the fact that we finally get to see the true Hulk in action that makes it the best part for me. Remember that Hulk in The Avengers just destroyed the thing he only does: smash? I just loved it. It felt nostalgic. Next, we see Roger, Bucky, Scoott, Tony, and Carter make a plan to steal King’s scepter. and for Forerunner, Tony makes the device that finds him and sends him back to where he comes from.

So, they decide, during the next court session, to steal it. They were in that session and waiting for Tony’s signal. I want you to think about the kind of signal he gives. He tells Hulk to go, and Hulk comes and says Signal. That’s hilarious. Then the fight started, and one more thing in that session, Crack, was also opened, and Scarlet Witch tried to stop that crack with her powers. In those fights, I notice too many things, like Red Skull, Happy Hulk, Scarlet Witch, and Nick Fury are with the Carter.

Carter can steal the scepter, and the scepter they have is a time stone. Carter puts that stone in Tony’s machine, and Roger is the one he is forerunner. We see an emotional scene between Roger and Carter; she says there’s no universe where they can meet up. and keep their promise. With that, all of the Avengers go back to the original timeline, and this universe is saved.

How is Roger the Forerunner?

Captain Americas Mistake

During that emotional conversation between Carter and Roger, he says that he only remembers the events of the Infinity War when Thanos came to Wakanda to take the Mind Stone from Vision. During the fight, Captain America tried to stop him, but he failed. But in this universe, Captain America does that attack and, by mistake, attacks one of the infinity stones, the Time Stone. The next question is: does he know from the start that he is the forerunner? The answer is no; he reminds everyone of everything after the effect of Tony’s device.

Now, while everyone is gone, Carter waits for Watcher, but Evil Dr. Satnge comes and tells her that he wants to tell a story. and the episode ends.

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