What If Season 2 Finale Breakdown: Just a One Word It’s Crazy

What If Season 2 Finale Breakdown: Just a One Word It’s Crazy

What If Season 2 Finale Episode 9 Strange Supreme Intervened? Just one question for Marvel: why are you making web series like She-Hulk and Secret Invasion? I need more series like Loki and What If. For me, in 2023, both series are too good. I started this blog after Loki, so I don’t have time to write about Loki. But now I have everything, and I wanted to talk about this series. So let’s start the What If Season 2 Finale Breakdown.

Episode 9 is the best in What If Season 2 and Season 1. This episode tells us why we are in love with Marvel. Now I can tell you that Marvel is back. First Loki, then Echo’s Trailer, and Now What If Season 2. All of them are amazing. What if the Season 2 finale goes beyond my imagination? I don’t know that Strange Supreme is more powerful than the whole MCU, and Captain Carter is amazing. She nailed it. In the last two episodes, she did an amazing job. Now, I tell her that if she is in the main MCU, she will be far better than anyone. This episode is proof of that.

What If Season 2 Finale Episode 9

Episode 9 starts with the same universe as Episode 8; in the last episode, we see Captain Carter stuck in 1602, and a Strange Supreme comes. The thing is, Evil Dr. Starnge needs help from Carter; that’s why he came to meet her. Then they go to Dr. Strange’s palace, where he collects universe killers. At first, I thought he was doing a great job saving the universe, just like Carter. What he does is whoever threatens any universe just catches them and binds them in crystals. When they enter the room, we see Ultron from season 1, Kid Peter from episode 2, and more. Then he told Carter to help someone escape from him. After that, he sends her back to his universe.

Next, in What If Season 2 Finale, we see too many characters and a universe where neither Peggy Carter nor Steve Roger survives and Red Skull wins. This is the universe where that universe killer hides. Then the watcher comes to explain to Peggy that she needs to go home and that this will not be a concern. Just like last time, she refused, and Peggy went to find that guy who ran away. Soon she finds her; yes, the one who runs away is Kahhori. Kahhori tells Carter that she is not a bad person, and Dr. Strange is not just a universe killer; he also collects heroes and powerful heroes. Before they have a chance to talk well, Dr. Stange teleports them. and tries to catch Kahhori.

Strange Supreme’s Plan

Now, Kahhori tells her that he made some device that revived his universe by sacrificing too many powerful heroes and villains. Soon Carter realized and attacked Dr. Strange, but soon she knew she was no match for him. That’s why you should break all the crystals and free all of them. Now, I tried to count all the superheroes and villains in the What If Season 2 finale. First, Happy (Hulk), 2 variants of Thor, Hela, Zombie Wanda, Badass Rocket Racoon, and the last one, the Hulk, who has the power of Thor and Hela. After that, Kahhori and Carter go to destroy that device. First, they face the zombie Wanda. That fight between Wanda and Kahhori is too good; I consider that fight the best in the entire What If.

During that, Hela comes to take control over zombies; she is the goddess of death. then Surtur comes, and Heal and Surtur start fighting; then they face Thanos, but with a snap, Killmonger of What If Season 1 makes him dust. Then Kahhor removes Kill Monger’s armor and sends him somewhere else. Now, Carter takes all the infinity stones and becomes Captain Infinity.

Glorious Sacrifice at the End of What If Season 2 Finale

Evil Dr Strange

Now, they reach the device, and their fight starts Strange Supreme vs. Kahhori and Captin Infinity. That fight is too good. Kahhori’s powers and Carter’s control over Infinity Stone are amazing; they are even better than Strange Supreme. They almost beat him, but he changed and became the beast, and now he is almost unbeatable. Strange Supreme also starts sacrificing all others. During that, Kahhori tries to send them back.

Now comes the best part: one by one, Hela gives his helmet, Thor gives his hammer, Xu Wenwu gives his Ten Rings, and all the other characters send all kinds of weapons to Carter and Kahhori. That looks too good. Now, they are even more powerful than before. With all the weapons, Carter attacks Strange Supreme. With just one punch, she takes all the beasts away from Strange Supreme. and Kahhori sends all of them back to the original universes.

Now, Dr. Strange becomes normal, but again, all the beasts are taking over, so Carter and Strange Supreme fall into that machine. Thanks to Strange Supreme’s sacrifice and the Watcher’s help, Carter is saved. Now, Watcher takes her to his universe, and they see Strange Supreme successfully recover his universe, and in this universe, Strange Supreme never exists. That, again, is a glorious sacrifice.

In What If Season 2 Finale, it is time to go home, but not simply. The viewer takes her to watch the World Tree, or Yggdrasil, from the series finale of Loki.

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