What If Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Peter Quill Attacked Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

What If Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Peter Quill Attacked Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

Let’s start the Episode 2 review, and if you still haven’t read my Episode 1 review, go and check that out. What If Season 2 Episode 2 is the second episode I waited for just because this episode’s glimpse in the What If trailer looks good enough and the story of Peter Quill and Ego in The Guardian of the Galaxy Volume 2 might be underutilized. Ego is a powerful villain, so I wanted to see him fight more, but this episode fulfilled my dream of seeing him in real action.

That’s the real beauty of What if we could see our favorite characters explore more and go all out? Just think about it; the whole Avenger team wouldn’t be able to stop Ego. Peter Quill is the only hope to defeat Ego; we all know how to stop him. He is immortal, so there’s almost no way to defeat him. What If Season 2 Episode 2 might be the best episode for me except for Season 1 last episode. Or yes, I forgot the Evil Doctor Strange episode. To this day, this episode is on the list in 3rd rank.

What If Season 2 Episode 2 Peter Quill Attacked Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

Old Avengers

This episode starts with an alien ship going to crash on Earth and a jet ordered by Peggy Carter to destroy that ship. That ship crashes, and Kid Peter Quill comes out and starts destroying things. Now, we see the same story in Guardian of Galaxy Volume 1: in 1988, Yondu comes to kidnap Peter to hand him over to Ego. Unlike in Volume 1, in What If Season 2 Episode 2, Yondu won’t change his mind, and Yondu gives Peter to Ego. And that’s how he became an evil child who came to earth to destroy everything.

To stop him team gathered by Peggy who is the new president of Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. we already see in Captain Marvel. They called Hank Pym, who lives with his daughter Hope. So, the team is Hank Pym, Bill Foster, King T’Chaka, and Winter Soldier. I give a small brief about all of them Hank Pym the OG Ant-Man, Bill Foster known as Giant-Man, and Goliath if you still don’t remember this guy you see him in Ant-Man’s first movie. the friend of Hank Pym.

Next is King T’Chaka, father of T’chala and King of Wakanda. At last, Winter Soldier Bucky was sent by Russia. With Howard Stark and Peggy Carter. and yes, one more Kree soldier that I am not able to recall. This team has the mission of stopping Kid Peter Quill in What If Season 2, Episode 2. They tried to bind him or stop him, but they failed. To save them, Thor comes and knocks down Kid Peter.

Best Part of this episode

For example, in What If Season 2 Episode 2, the best part is when they lock Peter and talk about what to do next and how to save the earth. During that conversation, we hear that Peter has already destroyed eight realms, so the earth is the only realm that exists in this universe. Now, Hope steals the key card, meets with Peter, and helps him escape. Now, Peter changed and went to his mother’s grave. During that, Ego lost his connection. So he comes to destroy Earth. The team will be split into two parts. Hank Pym goes to talk with Peter, and the other tries to stop Ego.

They are all just too helpless against ego. When ego nearly destroys everything, Peter Quill comes to save everyone; just like in Volume 2, Peter learns that his mother was killed by him. Somehow, he managed to save everyone. Next, we see the celebration at Hank’s house. At that party, we see Goose Cat from Captain Marvel.

In the end, they decide to end Ego by going to his planet because the Ego they fight is just kind of a clone, and after a long time, when I heard the OG Avenger BGM, it felt nostalgic.

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