What If Season 2 Episode 1 Review: What If… Nebula Joined the Nova Corps?

What If Season 2 Episode 1 Review: What If… Nebula Joined the Nova Corps?

After the release of What If Season 2 Episode 1 on December 22nd, we will witness every episode every day until December 30th, 2023. What If… Nebula joined the Nova Corps. Build excitement for the upcoming episodes. This episode is too good to see Nebula in action with Groot, Krog, Miek, and Howard the Duck. I just love this team. The episode length is just 30; at that time, we see too many references to the backstory of Nebula and how she joined up with Nova Crops.

Individual stories of What If give us a chance to explore the world that we are never able to see in live action. This series is a real exploration for an audience like mine who never gets a chance to read a comic book. The What If Season 2 Episode 1 can build excitement for the next episodes, so here is my plan: every day I watch What If and write a review for you.

The animation was good, the voices were great, and the story of this episode was good enough to make me fall in love with a nebula. Just like What If trailer

What If Season 2 Episode 1: What If… Nebula Joined the Nova Corps?

At the start of the episode, we see Yondu killed by someone, and Nebula comes to investigate the crime scene, during which other Nova officers come. The best part is the visuals, and Xandar looks amazing in this sequence. Neblua narrates the whole thing, and we see the backstory of Nebula and how she is going to join Nova Crops.

The story goes back to when Ronan betrayed Thanos and killed him with Gamora. Nebula almost fell into the darkness, but Nova Prime saved him, and that’s how she joined Nova Crops. In What If Season 2, Episode 1, Ronancome destroys Xandar, the guardian of the galaxy, and no one can stop him.

Nova Prime decides to put Xander in an impenetrable planetary shadow. like this in a shield, Xander suffers for five years. Now, we come to the present when Nebula finds Yondu’s arrow and Youndu gives his life to save the information he collected that might destroy Xandar.

So, she goes on the way to investigate Nova Prime and tells her the same thing: at any cost, she needs to find out who is behind all of this. Nebula goes to the club to meet Howard the Duck. In this club, we see Groot, Drax, Krog, and Miek. They all work in a club except Drax, who is the customer who destroys everything. Next, she goes and meets Duck and shows him an arrow that contains some information, but that information is not in any database of Xandar.

Krog is Intelligent

In What If Season 2 Episode 1 i realized that Krog is really intelligent; he just comes out of the middle of a conversation and tells Nebula that this is the kind of Nova core that stores the information about Key that opens Shield. So, it’s clear that someone is trying to open a shield for Ronan. I had no idea Krog would know this much about this subject, despite the fact that the dialogue among those three individuals is simply brilliant.

Now, Nebula needs to invade the core to secure the key to the shield, and for that, she goes to prison to release Yonrogg. Yes, yon rogg, the villain from the Captain Marvel movie. and we figure out that he and Nebula know each other, and he tries to invade Xander successfully.

So, she needs help from him to go find the key. They did a great job and went to the core. Nebula was able to transfer the key to his CPU, but as soon as she transferred all the data, Yonrogg stole the data and left her behind to die. Somehow she survived, but at the end, she found out that Nova Prime was the person who did all this. Nova soldiers beat Nebula again; she survived.

Ending of What If Season 2 Episode 1

Nova Prime and Yon-Rogg

She went to the club, recovered, and came back with my new favorite team of Groot, Krog, Miek, and Howard the Duck. In this sequence, she wears the crown of Yondu, which contains that arrow. This team successfully installed headquarters. but they are just a bit late. Nova Prime opens the shield, and Ronan’s ship comes. Now comes the twist: Nebula changes the code, and the shield will close again between the shield’s door and Ronan’s ship being destoyed. and during the fight, they defeated Nova Prin too.

In the end, Nebula becomes the hero of the story and saves Xander from inside and outside enemies. with this episode ending.

Now, wait for December 23rd for What If Season 2 Episode 2. The name of the episode is “What If… Peter Quill Attacked Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?”.

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