What If Season 2 Episode 5 Breakdown: Steve Roger Becomes Villian?

What If Season 2 Episode 5 Breakdown: Steve Roger Becomes Villian?

What if Season 2, Episode 5, reveals something big? That’s not about Steve Roger; it’s something big, and you are not ready for this. It’s not a joke that last time in What If Season 1 Episode 4, when Evil Dr. Stange came on the screen, everyone loved that character, and then in Episode 8, Ultron tried to destroy the multiverse of What If and touched his peak. But I say What If Season 2, Episode 5, is starting something big. Don’t forget to check the ending of this article.

The name of the episode is “What If… Captain Carter Fought the Hydra Stomper?” —the story of Peggy Carter, or, as I say, Captain Carter. Do you remember Captain Crater from season 1? This episode continues after the event of What If Season 1 Captain Carter Were the First Avenger? and the last episode of Season 1.

What If Season 2 Episode 5: Captain Carter Fought the Hydra Stomper?

Hydra Stomper

The story starts with the event of 2012 when Loki attacked the Chitauri army in New York. But there is a slight change in Team Avengers. The first is the obvious Captain Carter, except for Steve Roger; the second is Hope joining the Avengers team; and the last, Hulk, was not in the team. What if Season 2, Episode 5, gives us pop culture references like Robocop, Bigfoot, and John Mellencamp songs or Dad Rock Band? In that fight, we see a bond between Natasha and Carter; they both become a very good duo.

Next, Watcher comes and tells us that he won’t tell the same story again just because there are so many stories to tell. But this story is not complete; there is more to happen to her. Next, Carter is in the morning walking just like Captain America Winter Soldier when Steve mocks Sam by saying “On Your Left.” Just like in that scene, Natasha comes in the car and takes Carter on a mission. The same ship as Winter Soldier. On that ship, they meet Hydra Stomper, or, as I say, Steve.

Evil Steve Roger

What If Season 2 Episode 5 tells us what if Bucky Steve Rooger becomes the villain? Then he attacks Cpatin and Natasha. Now, they somehow run away and go meet with Fury and ask him why he doesn’t tell her about Steve. The best part of the episode is when I see Bucky become the secretary of S.H.I.E.L.D. Hydra Stomper comes to kill Bucky, and Captain Carter somehow saves him. He defeats Hydra Stomper and reboots that suit, and we discover that just because of the suit, Steve is still alive; he doesn’t even age.

Now, they need to find the Red Room that we see in the Black Widow movie when Natasha becomes an assassin. Steve gets conscious and tells them he knows the way to reach the Red Room. They go to destroy the red room. There, we discover Steve is still under control in the Red Room. Natasha called them sisters and mothers. The fight starts, and I must say, after this episode, I became a fan of this duo. Somehow, Cptian Catert managed to wake Steve. And Steve sacrificed himself to destroy the Red Room.

That’s how the episode ends. No, a big no.

The Ending of What If Season 2 Episode 5

Captin Cater goes to find Steve; she believes that he is still alive somewhere. The watcher comes and narrates the situation, and then Natasha and Captain Cater talk about this. Suddenly, a red portal comes, and Captain Carter falls into that portal. Again, Watcher says the same thing: “There is still something we see in this story.” Through that portal, Captin dropped some stage where she met with Evil Wanda, and the other one looked like Fury. and they said, “She is the one who does it. She is the one who saved our planet.”.

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